Fraud warning: read carefully


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Fraud warning: read carefully

  • 12 December 2023

  • Ardian

Reading time: 2 minutes

    ARDIAN would like to draw your attention to fraud attempts involving identity theft, which are currently rife. Phishing techniques are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated.  

    These fraudulent practices, which affect ARDIAN, invite individuals to invest in term accounts and other fictitious savings products under the identity of ARDIAN (ARDIAN Holding, ARDIAN France), and those of its employees and members of the board of Directors via a fictitious address or the computer reproduction of their voice.

    We urge you to be extremely vigilant if you receive this type of solicitation. ARDIAN does not canvass the public by telephone or e-mail.

    Fraudsters have no shortage of imagination when it comes to luring their victims into a trap. Their actions are aimed at unknowingly and improperly recovering financial data, by inciting their victims to carry out dematerialized transactions.

    When in doubt, to protect yourself and ARDIAN, we urge you to:

    • Not trust unexpected requests, even if they seem to come from ARDIAN's Senior Executives or members of ARDIAN's board of Directors;
    • Check the sender's address. The e-mail addresses of ARDIAN employees use one and the same format: first name.last ;
    • Never click on a link asking you to share sensitive information and never respond to online financial requests,
    • Report any suspicious message that asks you to take immediate action.

    ARDIAN's priority is to protect its business and customers against fraud.

    If you are the victim of a fraud attempt, please contact Client Servicing at the following address:

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