Adapting to each clients' needs

Transparency and engagement are at the heart of the close relationships that Ardian has built with its investors. In total, more than 1000 customers and many consultants collaborate with the company worldwide.

More than 40 professionals are dedicated to investor relations, ensuring personal needs and requirements are continually met. Among them, regional professionals maintain an ongoing dialogue with investors, while others are fully dedicated to client servicing and continuously strive to provide clients with the most timely, reliable information possible. Through an online reporting platform, Ardian offers investors a secure and comprehensive set of investment results and historic record. Detailed accurate data of investment activity and product lines are published at regular intervals. Today, Ardian is able to provide a tailor-made service to each of its investors.


Ardian offers a diversified choice of funds covering the full range of asset classes



Backed by a team of 500+ professionals based across Europe, America and Asia, Ardian is a global leader in private investment