At Ardian, we define ourselves as Architects of Lasting Change. But what does this mean? An architect combines precision with creativity in order to build monuments of lasting value. We believe we do the same. Ardian’s wide-ranging team of specialists operates with a singular focus to deliver excellence today, while always thinking about our collective impact tomorrow – investing all of ourselves in building companies that last. This is the cornerstone that allows us to drive the success of our portfolio companies, grow value for our investors and propel the careers of our employees. Every day, Ardian’s team works to create positive, impactful change that will stand the test of time – and shape the world around us for the better. 

Architects of Lasting Change

Ardian’s new corporate video tells our story in our own words – how we embrace change, invest today to shape tomorrow, build to last, provide strength, share values and accelerate change for all our stakeholders.


Architects of Lasting Change - how do our values drive our new campaign?

TextMark Benedetti, Executive President, and Stéphanie Grace, Global Head of Brand and Communications at Ardian, give their vision of what it means to be an architect of lasting change - and what the future holds for the Ardian brand.


Stories bring our values to life. Ardian’s commitment to creating lasting change can be seen anywhere from our portfolio companies to our investment teams. Find out how we are collectively working towards a positive future in the stories below.


Ardian is only as good as the Architects it employs. We know that creating lasting change can only be done when our team is empowered, supported and truly works together. That is when finance can be a powerful agent of change. Meet some of the Architects of Ardian below.

Ardian The House


TextWe are one of the world-leading private investment houses. We generate superior returns and enduring value, responsibly, for all our stakeholders.