Architects of Ardian: Digital disruption and the sharing economy


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Architects of Ardian: Digital disruption and the sharing economy

  • 24 June 2024

  • Private Equity

  • Co-Investment

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    In this series, we tell the stories behind how Ardian’s portfolio companies create lasting change in their sectors. This article focuses on Renta, a digital disruptor in the construction and rental services sector.

    A Co-Investment story

    A Co-Investment story

    As a co-investor we target industries driven by secular growth trends. We look for attractive, market-leading companies with best-in-class management teams that deliver growth through cycles. Our investment thesis is driven by digital acceleration, operational improvements, and market consolidation strategies.

    When we heard that IK Partners had signed the deal, we proactively contacted them. We knew about this sector thanks to past experience in the US, and we also knew about the Nordic region, which is quite attractive for the construction industry.

    Carole Barnay, Senior Managing Director, Co-Investment, Ardian

    Renta, a rental company providing a range of construction-related services, encountered Ardian in early 2022 amidst an ownership transition. Renta’s strength lies in its lean and efficient organizational structure and operational model. Like Ardian, Renta is a firm believer in value sharing and offers its deposit managers the opportunity to become shareholders and invest in Renta.

    Paving the way for a Pan-European leader

    Paving the way for a Pan-European leader

    As a Northern European rental company in eight countries, Renta has experienced remarkable growth and is now one of the three foremost companies within its operating markets. Ardian believes in Renta’s ability to be an Architect of lasting change within its sector—we want to help them move from a regional to a pan-European leader. Ardian has since participated in two capital increases to fund significant acquisitions, contributing to 30% EBITDA growth. 

    Renta is a pioneer in using technology to simplify customers’ user experiences, offering an innovative and sustainable rental system. With our support, Renta is at the forefront of the sharing economy, aligning with EU taxonomy standards and pursuing ambitious expansion plans.

    Rental itself is a very sustainable way to use construction equipment. Renta is at the core of the sharing economy.

    Kari Aulasmaa, Founder and Ceo, Renta Group