Positive impact through responsible investment

We firmly believe that success in our industry involves more than just excellent financial returns. This is why we have been developing Ardian’s approach to responsible investment for more than 10 years. We are constantly experimenting and learning so that we can improve the way we measure ESG performance in our investments and set meaningful targets for improvement. We report in detail on these issues to our LPs and actively support industry initiatives to promote responsible investment.

“Ardian empowers individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders” This is our company’s vision for sustainability, which draws together the essential elements of our approach – Ardian’s role as a catalyst for change; the importance of each individual’s actions and the power of collaboration; and the need to ensure the value we create together benefits all stakeholders.

Our Responsible Investment Policy
Compliance with SFDR 

Our team

  • 126

    companies in our Buyout, Expansion, Infrastructure and Real Estate portfolios have received a tailored sustainability roadmap since 2009

  • 68%

    of the companies in our Buyout, Expansion and Infrastructure portfolios that are part of the Ardian Sustainability Program have put in place employee profit-sharing schemes during our ownership

  • 170 GPs

    responded to our seventh Secondaries & Primaries portfolio monitoring survey, up 10% vs. 2018

Invested in the future

The private sector has an opportunity to make a positive impact on society. Find out with Candice Brenet, our Head of Sustainability, what makes Ardian a leading private investment house building the future in all sectors such as data & artificial intelligence, healthcare and the energy transition.

Sustainability Program and main priorities

Our aim is to maximize Ardian’s positive contribution to society (people and planet) and ensure our company can grow sustainably by incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance considerations into our investment process and throughout our operations. Through our investments and corporate actions, we endeavour to address the four main priorities for Sustainability at Ardian: Climate Change, Diversity & Equal Opportunities, Profit Sharing and Governance & Ethics.

Climate Change

Ardian aims to take a leading role in addressing the global challenge of climate change. We actively support multiple industry-wide initiatives to address this threat and we are committed to helping our portfolio companies identify emissions and carbon trajectories, and develop effective operational plans to reduce their carbon emissions. At the corporate level, climate change is also a source of major concern and several employee-led initiatives are aimed at reducing Ardian’s carbon footprint throughout our offices and operations.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We believe greater diversity in our organization will both fulfil Ardian’s social obligations and improve our performance. Our membership of the global Investor Leadership Network represents a public commitment to improve gender balance within Ardian and within our portfolio companies and funds. Beyond gender balance, Ardian is committed to developing and strengthening Diversity and Inclusion throughout our company. We also monitor diversity indicators for our portfolio companies and our Fund of Funds holdings.

Profit Sharing

Our approach to responsible investment is rooted in the idea of sharing, beginning with our decision in 2008 to share capital gains at exit with all employees of our portfolio companies whenever possible. Through our annual engagement program, we actively encourage all our portfolio companies to establish their own profit-sharing mechanism for employees.

Governance and Ethics

As Ardian’s size and impact continues to grow, so does our responsibility to set the best possible example for our wider community of stakeholders. To ensure this, Ardian favors the appointment of independent members to Management Boards and actively promotes the formalization of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability policies in all our portfolio companies. We also pay close attention to codes of ethics and conduct at both corporate and investment levels.

Collaborating for sustainable finance

Ardian is an active supporter of sustainability initiatives in the private investment markets and is a leading voice in its industry, calling for greater focus on sustainability issues.

Sustainability Team

The Team

Ardian has a full-time team of Sustainability specialists based in Paris and New York, working closely with our Sustainability Committee.

  • Candice Brenet

    Head of Sustainability

  • Pierre Klemas

    Managing Director

  • Taea Calcut

    Director - US

  • April Tissier

    Senior Manager

  • Tamara Krzisch


  • Laura Andremont

    Senior Associate

  • Lucile Degrave


  • David Chemla

    IT Specialist

SWEN Capital Partners ESG Best Practice Honours 2019

SWEN Capital Partners ESG Best Practice Honours 2019

Ardian received the award in the Multi-Strategy Investment Platform by SWEN Capital Partners at the ESG Best Practice Honours 2019.

Sustainability Risk Policy / PAI Statement

The purpose of the following document is to present:
-    How Ardian’s policies integrate sustainability risks into its investment decision-making process in line with Article 3 of the Disclosure Regulation (Regulation EU 2019/2088).
-    A statement on the due diligence policies with respect to Principal Adverse Impacts, in line with Article 4 of the Disclosure Regulation (Regulation EU 2019/2088), describing the following elements:

  • Information about Ardian’s policies on the identification and prioritisation of principal adverse sustainability impacts and indicators
  • A description of the principal adverse sustainability impacts and of any actions taken or, where relevant, planned in this respect
  • Brief summaries of engagement policies 
  • A reference to Ardian’s adherence to responsible business conduct codes and internationally recognised standards for due diligence and reporting and, where relevant, the degree of alignment with the objective of the Paris Agreement.

Indeed, the Disclosure Regulation divides ESG risks into the two following categories:

  • Sustainability risk occurs when there is an environmental, social or governance event or situation that, if it occurs, could have a significant negative impact on the value of an investment (financial risk);
  • Principal adverse impacts, on the other hand, are the adverse impacts of investment decisions from an environmental, social or governance perspective (non-financial risk). 

This document covers the Ardian Group (Ardian Holding, Ardian and Ardian France)

Our new impact measurement framework shows our commitment to stay at the forefront of the industry’s thinking on sustainability.

Candice Brenet Head of Sustainability
Ardian Infrastructure - The case for hydrogen - Virtual Summit - June 2021

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At Ardian, we are invested in the future

Invested in the future

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2021 Activity Report

Ardian is a global investment house, specializing in three broad asset classes: Private Equity, Real Assets and Credit.

Read our 2021 Activity Report and discover how we are committing ourselves to responsible investment solutions.

2021 Sustainability Report

Sustainability is fundamental to Ardian’s investment approach. We want to create companies that are ethically sound, socially engaged and financially resilient.

Read our 2021 Sustainability Report and discover how we are widening our ambitions and increasing our impact.

Article 29 Report Ardian France

At the heart of Ardian’s culture lies a commitment to responsibly create enduring value. Our role as a long-term shareholder and investor is to foster growth that is both sustainable and shared across all stakeholders.

Ardian Circle - Workshop #2

The Ardian Circle community met for a second session on Inclusion and Diversity. This workshop on inclusive management brought together 17 participants from 12 companies in which Ardian has invested.

[French only]

Ardian Circle - Workshop #1

Ardian Circle is the community of executives and decision-makers from companies in which Ardian invests. Through these meetings, Ardian wishes to support the development of practices that proactively address social and environmental issues as well as transformation challenges that can create value for companies.

[French only]

Responsible Investment Policy

At the heart of Ardian's culture lies a commitment to responsibly create enduring value. Our role as a long-term shareholder and investor is to foster growth that is both sustainable and shared accross all stakeholders.

Sustainability in the private Fund of Funds market

At Ardian, we put Sustainability at the heart of our daily business to make a positive impact on society while generating excellent financial returns. For more than a decade, Ardian has implemented its Responsible Investment approach across all activities. This comprehensive Sustainability program is led by a team of 5 Sustainability experts working hand in

Sustainability Report 2020

Driver of positive impact

Ardian empowers individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders.
Ardian’s Sustainability Report focuses on three key priorities – Impact, Diversity & Equal Opportunities, and Climate – and how Ardian is tackling them within its own operations, through its investments and its portfolio companies.

Sustainable Buyout

Investing for the economy, society and the planet. Sustainable Buyout is a new Sustainability Measurement Methodology that quantifies the impact of a company and the true reach of its sustainability efforts.

UN PRI Assessment Report 2020

The Assessment report is designed to provide feedback to signatories to support ongoing learning and development. Read the full report.

PRI Transparency Report 2020

This report is an export of the individual Signatory organisation’s response to the PRI during the reporting period specified above. It includes their responses to mandatory indicators, as well as responses to voluntary indicators the signatory has agreed to make public.

Sustainability Report 2018

Ardian empowers individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders. Discover our Sustainability Report.

Initiative Carbon 2020

The commitment of French private equity players to measure, manage and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their portfolio companies.

The Ardian Foundation

The Ardian Foundation

Ardian’s commitment to social mobility.
The Ardian Foundation, set up in 2010, funds projects that improve educational and employment opportunities for children, young people and entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Ardian depends on the collective intelligence of all our employees.