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Summary of the Remuneration policy

The remuneration policy and inclusion of sustainability risks

Ardian’s remuneration policy prescribes the principles regarding remuneration within ARDIAN Group entities, taking into account the Group’s strategy, objectives and risk policy, in order to align the long-term interests of all stakeholders (shareholders, clients, employees and the community as a whole).

It also aims to comply with article 5 of the European regulation on the publication of information on sustainability in the financial sector (SFDR) entitled "Transparency of remuneration policies in relation to the integration of sustainability risks".

The main principles of Ardian’s remuneration policy are the following:

Reinforce the strategy, objectives, values and long-term interests of ARDIAN Group

ARDIAN Group aims to provide its clients with long-term performance on their investments. The GARC (Governance, Appointment and Remuneration Committee) and the CPCD (Compensation, Personal and Career Development committee) ensure that the remuneration practices do not conflict with this strategy.

Ensure a connection between results, remuneration and performance evaluation

ARDIAN Group uses a performance-related compensation approach to reward employees who contribute the most to the company’s development, by considering their performance, experience and skills. Individual performance is reviewed through the performance evaluation process, which assesses how employees achieve the quantitative and qualitative objectives related to their function, and takes into account individual behaviours.

Successfully prevent excessive risk taking

ARDIAN Group institutes a reasonable and appropriate remuneration environment and ensures that employees are not encouraged to take risks that could be deemed excessive or inappropriate. To this extent, ARDIAN Group considers the whole spectrum of risks (financial risks, sustainability risks, etc) and compliance considerations.

Commit to Gender diversity

Within its Inclusion & Diversity policy, the Group commits to non-discrimination for talents appointments and compensation evolution. The Group conducts yearly comparative analysis and alerts managers on the importance to pay attention on non-justified salary gaps between female and male employees. 

Annual review

The Remuneration Policy is reviewed at least yearly, and validated by the members of the GARC.