Ardian’s commitment to social mobility

For 10 years, the Ardian Foundation has supported projects that promote the inclusion of children, and young people from underprivileged backgrounds as well as entrepreneurs. Currently, we support 49 organizations with programs in France, Italy, Germany, Chile, China, as well as the United Kingdom and the United States.

In 2020, the Foundation has decided to focus on early childhood in order to increase its impact on social mobility. The first years of life are a determining period for the cognitive and socio-emotional development of a child. Researchers, experts and scientists affirm that intervening in a child's life before schooling is twice as beneficial and favourable for social mobility.

  • €2,9M

    budget in 2021

  • 34%

    employee involved in the Foundation

  • 49

    partner charities supported

A central element of Ardian’s ESG activities

The Foundation embodies our commitment to be an excellent corporate citizen. It allows us to share Ardian’s financial success – and the skills and knowledge of our extremely talented employees – by supporting projects that produce positive social impact. We focus our efforts on enhancing social mobility for those most at risk of being left behind.

As Ardian grows, the Foundation grows too

Since we set up the Foundation, Ardian has expanded hugely to become one of the largest private investment companies in the world. We have committed to a big expansion in funding for the Foundation to reflect Ardian’s growing global stature. We aim to provide more funding for more projects in more countries.

The Foundation expresses our values and culture

People who work for Ardian or partner with us want to understand what sort of company we are. The Foundation helps to answer that question. It is vital in attracting potential employees and business partners who share our values, which in turn strengthens our culture. And it gives our staff opportunities to actively support causes that are close to their heart.

Our Projects

The Foundation supports a wide range of projects that promote social mobility and inclusion for children, young people and entrepreneurs. We currently fund 41 partner organizations that deliver programs in France, Italy, Germany, the UK, China, the US and Chile.


Early childhood

Supporting young children and their parents during these decisive years

Ardian Foundation

Primary, secondary and higher education

Supporting kids through art and culture activities and supporting students through mentoring programs and scholarships

Ardian Foundation Social integration

Social integration and culture

Supporting vulnerable young people through social integration

Ardian Foundation's new focus on early childhood

Discover Ardian Foundation's new focus on early childhood.

Sofia Hmich

Sofia, Founder - Future Positive Capital

"I was admitted to Europe's biggest business school, HEC, even though I attended a challenging high school in La Courneuve, a suburb on the outskirts of Paris. It just proves that there are talented people everywhere. We have to find a way to show this and seize the opportunities that arise. After receiving so much, I naturally wanted to give back, and offer a hand in return, just as they did for me. The mentoring program gave me a chance to do so: I'm a Frateli Ambassador and I myself have become a mentor."

Elias & Arthur de Salins Ardian oundation

Elias, Engineer in Paris

"My name is Elias, I'm from Aleppo in Syria, and I’m currently an engineer living and working in Paris. In 2011, as class major, I graduated valedictorian from the University of Aleppo with a degree in Telecommunications Engineering. I came to France in 2013 thanks to a scholarship of excellence from the French government, the Eiffel scholarship, to study for a Master 2 in Telecommunications. But this financial assistance and these tools would have been nothing without the support and follow-up provided by my sponsor, Mr. Arthur de Salins. Arthur has been more than a mentor to me, he has become my friend."

Mehdi Belkahla

Mehdi, Associate Investment Banking - Rothschild & Co.

"After graduating from a high school in the Paris suburbs, I decided to attend a business school. One of my teachers introduced me to the Frateli association, of which the Ardian Foundation is a partner, and Jérémie Delecourt, Member of the Ardian Executive Committee, became my mentor during my first year. The help Jeremie gave me was considerable and very diverse: he inspired me to work hard during difficult times and shared his knowledge of finance and his network with me."

The Ardian Foundation has unique resources and a network that it will be able to mobilize to have a stronger and broader social impact.

Carole Barnay President of the Ardian Foundation


Ardian Foundation - Activity Report 2020

"The Ardian Foundation has come so far over the past ten years and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved together. This work helps to change people's lives." Dominique Senequier, President of Ardian

Discover the 2020 Ardian Foundation Activity Report.

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Ardian 2022 Integrated Report

This year for the first time we are publishing an Integrated Report, which brings together in a single document the separate Activity and Sustainability Reports that we have produced up to now. Our aim in doing this is to give a more comprehensive and coherent understanding of how Ardian creates value for all our stakeholders.

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Ardian Foundation and employee charities

Ardian and its employees are determined that our success should translate into better opportunities and more positive outcomes for others. Through the Ardian Foundation, we promote social mobility by supporting charities that help children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit from education, training and advice.

Discover how with Carole Barnay, President of the Ardian Foundation & Senior Managing Director in the Co-Investment team, and Justine Le Guillou, Employee charities & Investor Relations Senior Project Manager.