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Join a world-leading European private equity company and a team of extremely talented people determined to make finance a force for good.

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A success story still being written

Ardian has grown steadily since the day it was founded in 1996. We manage or advise more than $166bn of assets across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East on behalf of more than 1,600 clients. We have more than 1050 people working in offices all over the world. We have come a long way already, and we are still writing our story.

Meaningful and impactful work

At Ardian, we help to build strong, resilient companies that will earn long-term returns for our investors and make a positive contribution to society. Our goal is to achieve excellent outcomes – both financial and non-financial – and to play our part in addressing society’s most pressing challenges. The principles of responsible investment are fundamental to the way we operate.

A warm welcome awaits you

At Ardian, you will be properly on-boarded. We run a series of programs for newcomers, including Ardian University and Ardian Startup Studio, which will help you develop your knowledge and build relationships throughout the company. We know that allowing new employees to assume responsibility early in their career helps them to become part of the team that builds our collective success.

Ready for the future

We are constantly looking to the future to ensure that we remain a leader in our sector. Our Millennial Committee is just one example. This group of 18 people—from all parts of the company and all aged under 35—ensures that our younger employees have a voice in shaping the future of our company. Their role is to promote innovation and creative thinking, and to work with colleagues across Ardian to develop their proposals.

Working at Ardian

Join Ardian and become part of one of the leading organizations in the private investment world – a stimulating workplace where your initiative is valued.

Talent Ardian Investment Teams

Investment Teams

We have an appetite for hard work and achievement, together with a strong awareness of our obligations to our stakeholders. Our mission is to generate sustainable, long-term returns for our clients, guided by our values of excellence, loyalty and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Talent Ardian Business Support Teams

Business Support Teams

We believe in doing business the right way above all else. We could not function efficiently or deliver quality service to our clients without exceptional support teams. At Ardian, everyone understands that our success is thanks to our depth of talent in every part of the company.


Inclusion & Diversity

TextA powerful way to strengthen our collective intelligence.
We are conscious of our role in society and we want to deliver positive outcomes for all our stakeholders. We are also convinced that inclusive and diverse organizations are more creative, innovative and likely to outperform. For these reasons, inclusion and diversity are strategic objectives for Ardian and are fundamental to our talent.

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Ranking in Top 10 PE firms for inclusivity 2024


In March 2024, Ardian was ranked in Honordex’s "Top 10 PE firms for inclusivity 2024" with a score of 74/100.

France Invest “Grands Prix” for Female Talent

France Invest

In October 2023, Ardian has won the “Grand Prix de la Société de Gestion” at the 4th edition of the France Invest “Grands Prix” for Female Talent.


The Drawdown Awards 2023

In May 2023, Maria Stasse and Flavie Jean, Co-Heads of Human Resources at Ardian, won the HR & Talent Professional of the Year award given by The Drawdown.

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The Global Business Certification standard for gender equality

Ardian has been awarded the level 2 of the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE), called EDGE Move. This certification measures and assesses company commitment to gender equality through an audit of our policy and practices and a survey completed by employees on perceptions of inclusion in the workplace.


Meet the Architects of Lasting Change


Thibault Basquin, Member of the Executive Committee & Co-Head of Buyout

“I joined Ardian in January 2001 as an intern in the Buyout team in Paris. Since then, I have been working with aspirational leaders and Ardian gave me the opportunity to progress quickly by being empowered very early. After 18 exceptional years in our Paris office, I was offered the opportunity to relocate in the US with my family in order to launch our US upper mid & large cap Buyout effort. This demonstrates Ardian’s ability to offer incredible opportunities to its employees as they grow.”

Frédérique Ihmof

Frédérique Imhof, Managing Director, Customized Solutions

“Two years after joining Ardian in Paris, I was offered the opportunity to relocate to London. It was a great opportunity as I was to manage one of the first Fund Finance team abroad. It was very rewarding to take part in the fantastic growth of the team, both in terms of headcount and variety of topics covered!”

Gregory Garvey

Gregory Garvey, Senior Investment Manager

“I joined Ardian in June 2018 as an Analyst in the New York Secondaries & Primaries team following a summer internship. Early on, Ardian and its community helped me develop both professionally and personally, providing opportunities to attend our technical training program, Ardian University in Paris, and access to a senior mentor in NY, among others. These experiences help me make greater contributions for Ardian, and I am excited to be part of of Ardian’s future growth and continued success.”

Haby Sacko

Haby Sacko, Finance Senior Associate, Fund Finance Infrastructure

"I joined Ardian in 2020 as a Finance Analyst within the Fund Finance Infrastructure Team based in France right after graduating from a French Business School. A year and half after joining, I was promoted with the role of Finance Associate and received the opportunity to relocate in the US. I am truly appreciative of the positive work environment fostered by Ardian, which enabled me to thrive, and I am still excited with all the tremendous career opportunities the company can provide me with."

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Beyond just their talent and ability, we also recognize the values of our people. We believe they form a crucial part of the fabric of Ardian.

Maria Stasse & Flavie Jean Co-Head of Human Resources
Ardian's Story

From a single Buyout fund to a world leader

At Ardian, our ambition is to build companies that last - for our portfolio companies, team members and investors - driving continuous growth...

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At Ardian, our ambition is to build companies that last - for our portfolio companies, team members and investors, driving continuous growth...

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Going beyond the corporation, to make finance a player that is genuinely changing society as a whole. At Ardian, we are pursuing this goal by...

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Discover how Maëlys got the opportunity to start a permanent contract while finishing her studies

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Mobility at Ardian: Benjamin Mathieu's journey

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For many years, inclusion and diversity have been a key concern for Ardian, which has built its approach upon three pillars: gender, social diversity...

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Our publications

Ardian 2023 Integrated Report

This year’s Integrated Report was conceived in collaboration with Ardian’s Millennial Committee, the body composed of 18 members representing the company’s younger generation. The report draws on their insights, experience and enthusiasm in the presentation of strategic global topics for Ardian as well as key initiatives undertaken within the company.

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Ardian 2022 Integrated Report

This year for the first time we are publishing an Integrated Report, which brings together in a single document the separate Activity and Sustainability Reports that we have produced up to now. Our aim in doing this is to give a more comprehensive and coherent understanding of how Ardian creates value for all our stakeholders.

Read the report

Ardian Inclusion & Diversity Charter

At Ardian, we want to have a positive impact on all our stakeholders and we are conscious of our societal role. This charter, which sets up concrete and measurable targets, is a commitment against all types of discrimination and an engagement to promote equal opportunities.

Read the charter

Ardian Circle - Workshop #4

The Ardian Circle community met for a fourth session on Inclusion and Diversity. This workshop brought together 15 participants from 12 companies in which Ardian has invested. [French only]

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Ardian Circle - Workshop #3

The Ardian Circle community met for a third session on Inclusion and Diversity. This workshop on disability in the workplace brought together 15 participants from 11 companies in which Ardian has invested in.

[French only]

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Ardian Circle - Workshop #2

The Ardian Circle community met for a second session on Inclusion and Diversity. This workshop on inclusive management brought together 17 participants from 12 companies in which Ardian has invested.

[French only]

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Ardian Circle - Workshop #1

Ardian Circle is the community of executives and decision-makers from companies in which Ardian invests. Through these meetings, Ardian wishes to support the development of practices that proactively address social and environmental issues as well as transformation challenges that can create value for companies.

[French only]

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