Meet the Architects of Ardian: Elimane Ndoye, Compliance Managing Director


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Meet the Architects of Ardian: Elimane Ndoye, Compliance Managing Director

  • 24 June 2024

  • Talent

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Elimane Ndoye

Compliance Managing Director at Ardian

    At Ardian, our ambition is to build companies that last - for our portfolio companies, team members and investors - driving continuous growth throughout the years. That is why we call our team members Architects of Lasting Change.

    Introducing Elimane Ndoye, Managing Director of Compliance at Ardian, who has been crucial to the growth of Ardian’s rigorous compliance function over the past decade. Now managing a team of eight in Paris, he applied to Ardian in 2012 at the age of 27, to explore a new career path. The multi-faceted nature of his work at Ardian, which gives him the opportunity to work with an extensive network, has led him to coin a new name for his department "Ardian's Swiss Army Knife.” 

    An Architect of Ardian for over 10 years

    An Architect of Ardian for over 10 years

    Granting employees autonomy early on, while embracing additional roles, is how Ardian’s culture of excellence is built. In his current role, managing compliance for Ardian's global operations, Elimane's open and instructive approach is instrumental in making the department a pivotal force in Ardian's development. His approach highlights Ardian's overarching desire to ensure change extends beyond investment partnerships. He aims to relay Ardian’s DNA and values to the younger generation coming up at the firm.

    Ardian is a very demanding company, with the principle of excellence at its core.

    Elimane Ndoye, Compliance Managing Director

    Elimane believes that looking beyond the scope of your particular role is a core value at Ardian. This growth mindset shapes his team’s identity as Architects of Lasting Change.

    Creating lasting change

    Creating lasting change 

    Elimane remarks, "In general, private equity is thought of as an activity reserved for graduates of top business schools or similar. Ardian's policy of being open has borne fruit and I'm glad to see more and more people joining today from different backgrounds." This adherence to inclusion and diversity underscores Ardian's philosophy of depending on the collective intelligence of all its team members.

    The secret ingredient for making an enduring impact is to bring everyone along. On this point, it’s worth noting that Ardian is willing to open its share capital to employees, enabling the team to become shareholders in the company in a tangible way.