Meet the Architects of Ardian: Janine Paustian, Investment Manager


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Meet the Architects of Ardian: Janine Paustian, Investment Manager

  • 24 June 2024

  • Talent

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Janine Paustian

Investment Manager in our Frankfurt Expansion team

    At Ardian, our ambition is to build companies that last - for our portfolio companies, team members and investors, driving continuous growth throughout the years. That is why we call our team members Architects of Lasting Change.

    Janine Paustian, an Investment Manager in our Frankfurt Expansion team, embodies this philosophy. With a degree in business administration and a master’s in finance and investments, she says she “discovered early on an interest in finance,” leading to several internships in private equity and investment banking, including one at Ardian in 2019 where she discovered her instant fit with the firm and its culture. 

    From Intern to Investment Manager

    From Intern to Investment Manager

    Her transition from intern to Investment Manager showcases Ardian's commitment to nurturing talent from within. In her current role, Janine sits at the epicenter of what Ardian does best – creating long-term value through partnerships with portfolio companies. She emphasizes the importance of Ardian's investment in its employees, aligning with the company's purpose of building enduring businesses. 

    In this career, you acquire a very broad skillset and take responsibilities from the start. From day one, I was supported by great people who taught me a lot.

    Janine Paustian, Investment Manager in the Expansion team in Frankfurt

    “Investing today to shape tomorrow” is a pillar of Ardian’s strategy. This is what we mean when we say, “Architects of Lasting Change”. It extends far beyond financial returns – it’s about making a profound, positive impact on the world around us. Ardian has taken concrete steps to improve the inclusivity of the company and the sector more broadly. 

    Creating lasting change

    Creating lasting change

    With initiatives like the Ardian Women’s Club and partnerships with organizations such as Level 20, aimed at supporting long-term change in private equity, Ardian continues to emphasize its dedication to fostering diversity, inclusion, and sustainable growth within the industry. 

    Janine remarks, "I think Ardian recognized early on that diverse teams are crucial." This dedication to diversity underscores Ardian's philosophy of creating a workplace where every voice is valued. 

    At Ardian, we are committed to driving lasting change. This is exemplified by individuals like Janine.