Our quest for gender parity begins with Ardian

Ardian Women’s Club was launched in May 2018 by and for women of Ardian to help them develop their careers within Ardian, expand their networks and support each other to succeed as well as unite all Ardian women around common values. In collaboration with the Human Resources, the club monitors indicators of gender parity at the company including recruitment, wage equality and representation in key roles, using its findings to raise awareness of gender parity issues and prompt discussion on how to accelerate progress.  

Internally, the club offers female mentoring and holds networking events and workshops to strengthen the links between Ardian’s many female employees. But it also looks to the outside world, promoting private investment as a career for women and representing Ardian in international associations active in inclusion, diversity and gender parity.

  • 2018

    launch of the Ardian Women’s Club

  • 15+

    core members from all Ardian offices

Our mission: Empower, Connect, Inspire

There are three main facets to the mission of Ardian Women’s Club, reflecting its focus on enhancing the environment for women within Ardian, as well as speaking out to challenge the traditional view of our industry.



Promoting the position of women within Ardian



Creating a strong network of solidarity among female staff



Encouraging women to consider careers in private investment

We formed Ardian Women's Club in May 2018 to give women a stronger voice and speed up their progress in the private equity industry.

Stéphanie Grace Global Head of Brand & Communications and co-Chair of Ardian Women’s Club

"We want to give women the tools they need to take their place and show that with the right guidance and support they can succeed and prosper in private equity."

Gaëlle Brouard Head of Finance, Ardian Customized Solutions, and co-Chair of Ardian Women’s Club
Lise Fauconnier testimonial

Lise Fauconnier

“When I joined Ardian in 1998, I had unconsciously chosen to adopt a male behavior. I wanted to be seen as very engaged, not emotional, result driven. I was trying to conform to what I thought was a male environment. Now with all the initiatives at Ardian – Ardian Women’s Club, the strong management of the HR team – I am confident that we will achieve a balance and a fruitful inclusion policy.” Lise Fauconnier, Managing Director, Ardian Buyout

Sara Huang testimonial

Sara Huang

“What I think is very unique about Ardian is the fact that it’s founded and led by a female president, Dominique Senequier. I had the fortune to pick her brain during my career, especially when I was about to have a family. Her wisdom gave me comfort and courage to continue to pursue a very successful career in the private equity industry and at Ardian.” Sara Huang, Managing Director, Secondaries & Primaries

Ada Wen testimonial

Ada Wen

“You have to believe in yourself and you have to believe that you are much stronger than you can imagine.” Ada Wen, Senior Investment Manager, Secondaries & Primaries

Ardian Women’s Club: highlighting the voice of women in the private equity industry

While the proportion of women in private equity has continued to rise in recent years, there is still a long way to go before they can enjoy the same career opportunities as men. The Ardian Women’s Club exists to accelerate the advance of women at all levels of the company and create the conditions in which women can prosper in private equity as readily as men.

Find out more about the club with Stéphanie Grace, Co-chair of the Ardian Women’s Club and Global Head of Brand & Communications and Nadine Zariffa, Member of the Ardian Women’s Club, Former President of The Millennial Executive Committee and Senior Investment Manager, Buyout.


Booster by Force Femmes

TextBooster offers a free collective program with support from experts to strengthen the business management skills of women entrepreneurs.

In partnership with Force Femmes, the Booster program launched in 2022 supports women over 45 in consolidating their businesses. With Eight Advisory, we have created the “BOOSTER FUND”, a capital investment fund for eligible companies in the program.

Ardian is delighted to renew its support to talented and ambitious female entrepreneurs. We are proud to have been able to support them since the creation of the program. We are continuing our efforts with the creation of this specialized fund.

DOMINIQUE SENEQUIER & LISE FAUCONNIER respectively CEO & Founder of Ardian and Managing Director, Buyout, Ardian

You can find out more about Ardian Women’s Club and keep up with all our latest news through our LinkedIn page

Memberships and certifications

Ardian supports I&D by actively participating in organizations which take concrete steps to advance inclusion, diversity and equity for the private markets industry.


We want everyone’s talent to shine through

TextInclusion and diversity are the qualities that empower everyone to reach their full potential within our company. We want our teams to reflect the society in which we operate and for the differences between us to be respected by all and freely expressed.

While the proportion of women in private equity has continued to rise in recent years, there is still a long way to go before they can enjoy the same...

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