A pan-European strategy with strong diversification

Ardian Real Assets Debt provides senior loans for projects that involve repositioning and active management of assets in major French, German, Italian and Spanish cities. Its investment approach is therefore fully aligned with the core-plus/value add strategy that our Real Estate activity pursues, and supports projects that aim to achieve material improvements in sustainability performance, contributing to the rejuvenation of the real estate stock. The team seeks opportunities that offer an attractive risk/return profile, combining predictable yield with strong downside protection.

  • 40+ years’

    experience in originating and structuring real estate debt

  • 100%

    of projects will target the highest ESG certification on completion

  • 4

    local Real Estate teams based in Continental Europe backing market insights

Funding Europe’s top sponsors

Ardian Real Assets Debt invests alongside banks and other lenders, notably providing Real Estate debt for Europe’s leading Real Estate funds. The team gets implied early in the due diligence process and is actively involved in structuring and negotiating facilities, drawing on its experience in arranging debt for Ardian Real Estate. Ardian’s intention is to build a well-diversified portfolio of projects spread across the major Eurozone economies and spanning office, residential and specialist assets in retail, hospitality, healthcare and logistics.

Ambitious ESG targets

ESG is at the heart of the Real Assets Debt strategy: it invests in projects designed to create modern, energy-efficient buildings. The fund is registered under Article 8 of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and is fully supported by Ardian’s team of sustainability specialists. On completion, all projects will meet or exceed a benchmark score on Ardian’s Real Sustain ESG assessment system, and all will target the highest levels of environmental certification, such as BREEAM. The team places special emphasis on climate related KPIs.

The power of Ardian’s platform

Real Estate Debt is Ardian’s newest activity, but it is built on a tried and tested platform that already supports multi-local investment teams running well over $141 billion of assets. Ardian’s Real Estate teams in Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Madrid, along with our extended network, give access to high-quality deal flow, while the company’s well-resourced teams of finance, sustainability, legal, tax and compliance professionals provide strong support for the investment team and LPs. This allows the team to combine agility with a robust operational framework.

Meet the teams

Ardian 2023 Integrated Report

This year’s Integrated Report was conceived in collaboration with Ardian’s Millennial Committee, the body composed of 18 members representing the company’s younger generation. The report draws on their insights, experience and enthusiasm in the presentation of strategic global topics for Ardian as well as key initiatives undertaken within the company.

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Ardian 2022 Integrated Report

This year for the first time we are publishing an Integrated Report, which brings together in a single document the separate Activity and Sustainability Reports that we have produced up to now. Our aim in doing this is to give a more comprehensive and coherent understanding of how Ardian creates value for all our stakeholders.

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Ardian Corporate Brochure

Ardian is a world-leading private investment house that operates globally from a network of 19 offices and manages or advises $160 billion of assets on behalf of more than 1,560 clients globally.

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Ardian Activity Real Estate

Ardian Real Estate

TextThe Real Estate expertise has established itself since 2015 as a leading investor in office buildings in core European cities, where strong tenant demand and a shortage of top-quality, modern space provides opportunities to create significant value. The Real Estate team specializes in core-plus and value add projects. These involve refurbishing and actively managing assets to improve their sustainability performance and help create outstanding work environments in decarbonized cities.

Our combination of strong local real estate expertise in our chosen cities with our experience in negotiating and structuring deals gives us a very distinctive proposition.

Arnaud Chaléac Member of the Executive Committee, Head of Real Assets Debt and Co-Head of Group Finance

We can offer wide diversification from the outset, thanks to Ardian Real Estate’s presence in key French, German, Italian and Spanish cities.

SANDRINE AMSILI Managing Director, Real Assets Debt at Ardian

The Real Estate Debt platform complements our offer and will help meet the needs of investors seeking a secure debt return with a major real estate focus.

Stéphanie Bensimon Member of the Executive Committee, Member of the board of Ardian France & Head of Real Estate