We are one of the world-leading private investment houses. We generate superior returns and enduring value, responsibly, for all our stakeholders.

Ardian is a world-leading private investment house majority owned by its employees. We manage or advise $120bn across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Middle East, on behalf of governments, institutions, pension funds and high-net-worth investors. We are an entrepreneurial business, focused on supporting talented management teams to build sustainable, growing companies. We are committed to sharing our success as widely as possible – with investors, with employees in the companies we support and with society at large.  

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We aim for excellence in everything we do. That is the bar we set ourselves. We invest with care and diligence to achieve superior returns. We recruit the most talented people and work with the strongest management teams and partners. We set ourselves standards of governance, conduct and transparency that are second to none. We aim always to provide service that goes beyond our investors’ expectations.


Our success depends on trusting, long-term relationships with all our stakeholders. Building strong, sustainable companies requires patience and effort, so we strive to earn the loyalty and support of our investors, who ultimately recognize our strong track record and exceptionally high standards of service. We are a principled and dependable business partner for our associates, and a responsible, supportive owner with strong, human values. Once we commit, we see our projects through.


We prize entrepreneurship. Ardian invests in ambitious companies that possess the talent and determination to realize their potential. We help them build their businesses and find the balance of courage and caution that they need to grow sustainably. We also live by entrepreneurial values ourselves: more than 70% of our employees are shareholders in Ardian.

  • 15

    offices worldwide

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    investments professionnals

  • 800+



Ardian is managed by an 8-strong Executive Committee, chaired by our President, Dominique Senequier. The Supervisory Committee, chaired by Patrick Thomas, oversees the Group’s executive management and sets its strategic direction.

"We are accelerating the drive to realise our vision of Ardian as an investment company with sustainability and positivity at its heart."

Dominique Senequier President
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Our commitment to investors

We are responsible for investing millions of people’s savings and managing the wealth of governments on behalf of their citizens. They all rely on us to help them achieve financial safety and security by investing carefully to create real, long-term value. We put transparency and personal engagement at the heart of our investor relations and strive to provide a world-class service.

vision for society

Our commitment to society

We believe that our activities must bring wider benefits to society beyond financial gains, and we therefore pay close attention to human outcomes. We see investing as a force for good because it enables us to have a positive impact in many areas. And we recognize that, with our scale, we have the ability as well as the responsibility to make a difference. By supporting the financial well-being of our investors. By encouraging our portfolio companies to improve their environmental and social impacts. And by sharing the value we create with all those who have contributed to our success, a practice we pioneered from 2008 onwards.


From a single buyout fund to a global leader


The name Ardian derives from ‘hardjan’, which comes from an ancient European language and means strength, durability and boldness. Building on this, our company’s founding values are Excellence, Loyalty and Entrepreneurship.


Investor Relations

Ardian’s ethos is centered around customer service and transparency. We aim to provide a highly responsive, personal service to each investor which delivers investment solutions tailored to fit their needs. All investors are different and have their own priorities. We can listen carefully to their needs and work hard to deliver an excellent service, building close relationships and earning their loyalty.

We are a company that keeps its promises to clients and understands its wider responsibilities to society as a whole.

Dominique Senequier President of Ardian
Finance Community

Finance Community Awards 2020

Ardian won the Financecommunity Awards 2020 as private equity team of the year.

certification ISO 27001

Business Continuity Management System certification – ISO22301

ISO22301 is an international standard for Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). It is the highest level of an organization’s accomplishment, exemplifying the commitment towards continual improvement and sustainable business continuity.
Ardian France is one of the first private investment firms in France to obtain ISO certification for its Business Continuity Management System.
The certification covers Ardian France’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for managing investments and divestments.


Ardian’s Risk Management activity is functionally and hierarchically independent from all other operating teams, including portfolio management, and reports directly to a member of Ardian’s Executive Committee.
Our Risk Management Framework seeks above all to protect Ardian and its stakeholders from avoidable harm by identifying risks and recommending appropriate responses that safeguard the integrity and viability of the business and are in line with our Risk Appetite Statement.



Ardian risk APPETITE statement


Ardian’s Compliance team ensures that all laws and regulations that apply to our company in the many jurisdictions where we operate are rigorously observed. The team works closely with other departments to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism by our employees. It is the job of Compliance to act as the guardian of our clients’ best interests and in doing so to protect Ardian’s own reputation and brand image. 





2020 Activity Report

At Ardian, we invest all of ourselves in building companies that last.
Our goal is to build strong, resilient companies that will earn long-term returns for our investors and make a positive contribution to society.

Discover our 2020 Activity Report.

Sustainability Report 2020

Driver of positive impact

Ardian empowers individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders.
Ardian’s Sustainability Report focuses on three key priorities – Impact, Diversity & Equal Opportunities, and Climate – and how Ardian is tackling them within its own operations, through its investments and its portfolio companies.

2019 Activity Report

In 2019 we continued our journey, pursuing our vision of truly responsible finance and placing sustainability at the heart of every project.
Discover Ardian's Activity Report 2019 and meet our talented people!

2018 Activity Report

The Ardian Activity Report presents the company's key figures, the highlights of the year as well as all the investment activities.