Ardian Analysis

Our publications and studies cover a range of topics where we provide insights of who we are and what we do but also analysis of our market.

  • Ardian 2023 Integrated Report

    This year’s Integrated Report was conceived in collaboration with Ardian’s Millennial Committee, the body composed of 18 members representing the company’s younger generation. The report draws on their insights, experience and enthusiasm in the presentation of strategic global topics for Ardian as well as key initiatives undertaken within the company.

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  • Ardian Foundation Brochure

    Establishing the Ardian Foundation has allowed us to pursue our social vision: to provide opportunities for children and young people at risk of being left behind. Discover how we support educational projects.

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  • Industry Engagement

    At Ardian, we believe that it is key to engage with our peers and wider financial industry to drive a positive transformation and address current and future economic, social and environmental challenges.

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  • Ardian 2022 Integrated Report

    This year for the first time we are publishing an Integrated Report, which brings together in a single document the separate Activity and Sustainability Reports that we have produced up to now. Our aim in doing this is to give a more comprehensive and coherent understanding of how Ardian creates value for all our stakeholders.

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  • Ardian Corporate Brochure

    Ardian is a world-leading private investment house that operates globally from a network of 19 offices and manages or advises $160 billion of assets on behalf of more than 1,560 clients globally.

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  • PRI Summary Scorecard

    The Assessment Reports, which are produced using signatories' reported information, support signatories to have internal discussions about their practices. They facilitate learning and development by outlining how signatories' responsible investment practices compare year-on-year, across asset classes, and with peers at a local and global level.

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