Ardian Analysis

Our publications and studies cover a range of topics where we provide insights of who we are and what we do but also analysis of our market.

  • We celebrate 10 years of Ardian


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  • Ardian Inclusion & Diversity Charter

    At Ardian, we want to have a positive impact on all our stakeholders and we are conscious of our societal role. This charter, which sets up concrete and measurable targets, is a commitment against all types of discrimination and an engagement to promote equal opportunities.

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  • Ardian Corporate Brochure

    Ardian is a world-leading private investment house that operates globally from a network of 16 offices and manages or advises $152 billion of assets on behalf of more than 1,470 clients globally.

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  • Ardian Air Carbon

    To adopt a sustainable and realistic decarbonization approach, airports need to have accurate data on their direct and indirect emissions. To enable our portfolio assets to do this, Ardian has developed a tool called Ardian Air Carbon helping airport teams estimate and project efficiently, and in real-time, their Scope 3 carbon emissions.

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  • Ardian 2022 Integrated Report

    This year for the first time we are publishing an Integrated Report, which brings together in a single document the separate Activity and Sustainability Reports that we have produced up to now. Our aim in doing this is to give a more comprehensive and coherent understanding of how Ardian creates value for all our stakeholders.

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  • Responsible Investment Policy

    At the heart of Ardian's culture lies a commitment to responsibly create enduring value. Our role as a long-term shareholder and investor is to foster growth that is both sustainable and shared accross all stakeholders.

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