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A trusted partner for tailored solutions

Ardian is a leading provider of high-quality custom investment solutions for private market asset classes. Our Ardian Customized Solutions allow investors to precisely define their investment horizon and targets, and to select the governance structure and service depth that fit their individual needs. With over 20 years’ experience in managing bespoke portfolios, close relationships with the world’s top private market managers and a truly client-focused culture, we are a preferred partner for investors worldwide.

All-in-one portfolio construction

Every Customized Solution client is assigned a team of investment, investor relations and operational professionals. This team helps to achieve the client’s individual investment goals. Ardian develops a specific investment strategy according to the client’s needs and then constructs and maintains a portfolio plan to implement this strategy. Our deep network and investment database allow us to identify top-quality investment opportunities for each customized portfolio. Throughout the life of a customized solution, we steer the allocations to help the client achieve and maintain the desired exposure.

Privileged access to top-quality private market funds

It can be challenging to secure allocations in funds raised by the world’s leading managers – unless, like Ardian, you have a strong existing relationship with them. The global scale of our Secondaries & Primaries platform gives our Customized Solution clients access to top-performing funds. Similarly, clients with customized portfolios have privileged access to Ardian’s own family of funds. We offer Secondary, Direct Equity, Infrastructure, Private Credit and Real Estate products with complementary investment characteristics.

Premium reporting and operational services

We place great emphasis on high-quality client service and on precisely meeting each client’s interests and needs. Clients with tailored investment solutions benefit from reporting that is fully customizable in terms of breadth, content, format and frequency. In addition, we support the clients with all operations throughout its life, for example structuring investment vehicles, cash flow controls and coordination with external partners.

Flexible involvement of the client

Tailoring is key to every aspect of Ardian Customized Solutions activity. Our clients have flexible options to participate in the portfolio construction and investment process and to benefit from Ardian’s private market insights: while some clients prefer a hands-off solution, with others, the relationship is very interactive.

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Our broad expertise, spanning Private Equity, Real Assets and Credit, enables us to offer a wide range of investment opportunities and respond flexibly to our clients’ differing needs. We aim to help each client find the best way to achieve their investment objectives using private market assets.

Our Customized Solutions activity will only become more important in the future. A growing group of clients now wants tailored portfolios rather than standardized products.

Jan Philipp Schmitz Executive Vice-President

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Ardian 2023 Integrated Report

This year’s Integrated Report was conceived in collaboration with Ardian’s Millennial Committee, the body composed of 18 members representing the company’s younger generation. The report draws on their insights, experience and enthusiasm in the presentation of strategic global topics for Ardian as well as key initiatives undertaken within the company.

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Ardian 2022 Integrated Report

This year for the first time we are publishing an Integrated Report, which brings together in a single document the separate Activity and Sustainability Reports that we have produced up to now. Our aim in doing this is to give a more comprehensive and coherent understanding of how Ardian creates value for all our stakeholders.

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Ardian Corporate Brochure

Ardian is a world-leading private investment house that operates globally from a network of 19 offices and manages or advises $160 billion of assets on behalf of more than 1,560 clients globally.

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2021 Activity Report

Ardian is a global investment house, specializing in three broad asset classes: Private Equity, Real Assets and Credit.

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