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    Technology, Media and Telecom
    Technology, Media and Telecom

    Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Zayo is the #1 pure-play provider of metro, regional, and long-haul fiber infrastructure primarily in North America to telecom carriers and large enterprises with high data intensity and multiple locations. The company serves a diversified customer base of telecom carriers and medium-sized to large businesses from a wide range of sectors. Zayo has ~3,350 employees today.

The Ardian team brought a deep sector knowledge, which I think allowed them not only to do a terrific job in that due diligence period, but also meant they could work very efficiently within our deal time frame.

Doug Brody KKR Capital Market

Ardian and Arsenal both want our investments to benefit society and by working together in this case we’ve reduced the time it takes to set up a clinical trial by many months, which means new drugs come to market as quickly and safely as possible.

Steve McLean Partner of Arsenal Capital

During the due diligence phase, we identified Ardian as a future shareholder capable of making a significant contribution to Emera's development. As soon as the transaction closed, we were able to define and launch value-creating initiatives with Naxicap and Ardian, particularly in terms of group structuring, external growth, digital transformation and real estate strategy, in France but also in Spain and other European countries.

Eric Baugas CEO of EMERA