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Germany, March 2021

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Investor Leadership Network’s CEO targets gender equality



PROTEOR, an expert in custom-made orthopedic equipment

Discover how PROTEOR improves users’ daily lives.



"Entrepreneurial Journeys", a podcast from Ardian

Entrepreneurial Journeys is a podcast for anyone curious about where growth is happening around the world. Here we speak with the people behind innovative companies building the future.



Snapshot of Ardian Infrastructure North American assets towards the energy transition

Tim Menzie, Ardian's Operating Partner, wanted to be part of the transition to a low-carbon industry. With Ardian, he has the opportunity to work on assets in North America that are part of this energy transition.

Ardian Circle - Workshop #2

La communauté Ardian Circle s’est retrouvée pour une deuxième session autourde l’Inclusion et de la Diversité. Cet atelier sur le management inclusif a
réuni 17 participants de 12 sociétés dans lesquelles Ardian a investi.

2020 Activity Report

At Ardian, we invest all of ourselves in building companies that last.
Our goal is to build strong, resilient companies that will earn long-term returns for our investors and make a positive contribution to society.

Discover our 2020 Activity Report.

Ardian Foundation - Activity Report 2020

"The Ardian Foundation has come so far over the past ten years and I am extremely proud of what we have achieved together. This work helps to change people's lives." Dominique Senequier, President of Ardian

Discover the 2020 Ardian Foundation Activity Report.

Ardian Circle - Workshop #1

Ardian Circle is the community of executives and decision-makers from companies in which Ardian invests. Through these meetings, Ardian wishes to support the development of practices that proactively address social and environmental issues as well as transformation challenges that can create value for companies.

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Responsible Investment Policy

At the heart of Ardian's culture lies a commitment to responsibly create enduring value. Our role as a long-term shareholder and investor is to foster growth that is both sustainable and shared accross all stakeholders.

Sustainability in the private Fund of Funds market

At Ardian, we put Sustainability at the heart of our daily business to make a positive impact on society while generating excellent financial returns. For more than a decade, Ardian has implemented its Responsible Investment approach across all activities. This comprehensive Sustainability program is led by a team of 5 Sustainability experts working hand in

Corporate Document | Ardian Infrastructure

Infrastructure has become a critical asset class for investors seeking consistent long-term returns. Essential infrastructure investments offer protection from infl ation and ensure that balance sheet liabilities, such as life insurance and pension payments, are covered.

Ardian Inclusion & Diversity Charter

At Ardian, we want to have a positive impact on all our stakeholders and we are conscious of our societal role. This charter, which sets up concrete and measurable targets, is a commitment against all types of discrimination and an engagement to promote equal opportunities.

Sustainability Report 2020

Driver of positive impact

Ardian empowers individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders.
Ardian’s Sustainability Report focuses on three key priorities – Impact, Diversity & Equal Opportunities, and Climate – and how Ardian is tackling them within its own operations, through its investments and its portfolio companies.

Sustainable Buyout

Investing for the economy, society and the planet. Sustainable Buyout is a new Sustainability Measurement Methodology that quantifies the impact of a company and the true reach of its sustainability efforts.

UN PRI Assessment Report 2020

The Assessment report is designed to provide feedback to signatories to support ongoing learning and development. Read the full report.

PRI Transparency Report 2020

This report is an export of the individual Signatory organisation’s response to the PRI during the reporting period specified above. It includes their responses to mandatory indicators, as well as responses to voluntary indicators the signatory has agreed to make public.

2019 Activity Report

In 2019 we continued our journey, pursuing our vision of truly responsible finance and placing sustainability at the heart of every project.
Discover Ardian's Activity Report 2019 and meet our talented people!

Funds of Funds Sustainability Brochure

Sustainability in the private Fund of Funds market. Discover key insights from Ardian's GP engagement program

The Augmented Infrastructure: digital for climate?

At the third edition of Paris Infraweek, Ardian held a conference focusing on the impact of digital technology on worldwide CO2 emissions. On this occasion, Ardian Infrastructure and Fabernovel released the follow-up of the "The Augmented Infrastructure" study on the issue of “digital for climate”. Read the new Study!

Sustainability Report 2018

Ardian empowers individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders. Discover our Sustainability Report.

2018 Activity Report

The Ardian Activity Report presents the company's key figures, the highlights of the year as well as all the investment activities.

Initiative Carbon 2020

The commitment of French private equity players to measure, manage and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their portfolio companies.

The Augmented Infrastructure

Discover the study we have conducted: The Augmented Infrastructure - new value creation levers for infrastructure in the connectivity era.