Cherry-picking with our Real Estate team: for Better and Greener Environments


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Cherry-picking with our Real Estate team: for Better and Greener Environments

  • 11 September 2023

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    Our Real Estate team at Ardian is dedicated to transforming our acquisitions into high-quality assets, combining history and modern specifications through projects such as the Renaissance building in Paris, a 9.3k sqm mixed-use building located in the Golden Triangle area of Paris; the Store building in Berlin, a 13.3k sqm building south of the city's central business district and the Melzi D’Eril in Milan, a 5.7k sqm building in the city center boasting a unique 1.4k sqm of garden and terraces.

    These projects exemplify our cherry-picking strategy: selecting the best assets in central locations, where there is a low supply of high-quality buildings and inelastic demand.

    Those assets are located in access to public transport, in lively areas with access to culture – the best way to attract the best tenants.

    Stephanie Bensimon, Head of Real Estate, Ardian

    Better and Greener environments: the Real Estate's strategy at Ardian

    Discover our strategy of selecting the best assets in prime location, where the supply of quality buildings is low and demand inelastic.

    Our Real Estate team at Ardian works closely with architects and artists in order to design these spaces, cultivating modern and enjoyable living and working places tailored to the tenants’ needs whilst enhancing the asset’s heritage.

    ESG has always been a central aspect of the Real Estate strategy at Ardian. We combine a detail-oriented approach with a holistic view; for example, quantifying our carbon usage during construction and compared to the amount saved in the long run due to the asset’s improvements under the Ardian umbrella.

    These efforts are also evident within our assets’ environmental outputs; the Berlin Store building’s 15% energy consumption reduction in the past year due to electric changes, the Paris Renaissance building utilizing low-emission construction methods reducing embodied carbon, and the Melzi D’Eril building in Milan, where 20% of building’s energy is now self-produced on site.

    We believe this focused investment philosophy will guide us well into the future as we continue to decarbonize assets in line with the Paris Agreement.

    Stephanie Bensimon, Head of Real Estate, Ardian

    This approach is beneficial not only for the environment but also for the performance of our investors; the Store building has had a 150% rental income increase, the Melzi D’Eril has had a 40% increase in gross leasable area and the Renaissance building has already secured 3 tenants including a Japanese fashion house and Swiss art gallery.

    As market leaders, we have developed a unique framework; delivering results and creating sustainable value – as is evident in these properties.