IPEM 2021

08 Sep

IPEM 2021

Special Paris Edition | Hippodrome ParisLongchamp

  • Private Debt

  • Secondaries & Primaries

  • Buyout

  • Expansion

  • Infrastructure

  • Investor Relations

  • Growth

  • Ardian

To build back the European economy

IPEM is one of the leading international private equity conferences gathering LPs, GPs and advisors from around the world. This year, IPEM will host a two-day event in Paris at the Longchamp racecourse on September 8-9, 2021. Ardian will be sponsoring the event.

This event is a great opportunity to meet with investors and entrepreneurs keen to learn more about Ardian’s activities.

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Ardian will be present at the Panorama L4-04 and some representatives of our following teams will be happy to meet you: Fund of Funds, Buyout, Expansion, Growth, Private Debt, Infrastructure, Investor Relations and Communications. If you wish to arrange a meeting, do not hesitate to contact us via MyIPEM.

Two of our investment professionals will also be speakers in key sessions.

September 8:

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM: LP workshop, with Marie-Victoire Rozé, Senior Managing Director and Member of the ASF Committee, Ardian Fund of funds | Sea Bird Room (Invitation only)

  • A new start to the LP/GP relationship

  • Contingency planning, crisis management and portfolio resilience

  • Maintaining discipline in a red hot market

  • Best practice in transparency and communication

  • Re-alignment. Reviewing historical norms in a new world

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM: “When outstanding stewardship also means outsized returns" with Philippe Poletti, Member of the Executive Committee, CEO of Ardian France and Head of Buyout | Main conference room

  • Lessons learned. How going above and beyond to support customers, employees and supply chains has created value during the pandemic

  • Why improving ESG really does mean better performance

  • Leading by example. Why being a good corporate citizen should start at home

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  • Philippe Poletti

    Philippe Poletti

    CEO Ardian France, Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Ardian Buyout

  • Marie-Victoire Rozé

    Marie-Victoire Rozé

    Senior Managing Director and Member of the ASF Management Committee