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Our aim is to find talented people from a diverse pool and welcome them into our company. We want to do a lot more to promote diversity and inclusion over the next few years.

Maria Stasse & Flavie Jean Co-Head of Human Resources

From a master’s degree in management and IT in Paris to a Finance Project Senior Associate

Learn about Maïlys Lada's experience at Ardian and the opportunities she has discovered in terms of mobility and responsibility.

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Discover how Maëlys got the opportunity to start a permanent contract while finishing her studies

  • Talent, Private Wealth Solutions, Investor Relations Inside Ardian

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Mobility at Ardian: Benjamin Mathieu's journey

  • Talent, Investor Relations Inside Ardian

For many years, inclusion and diversity have been a key concern for Ardian, which has built its approach upon three pillars: gender, social diversity...

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Ardian's Grace Lloyd career testimony from Bi4 to Private Equity

Career path - 1 minute to consider going from Big4 to Private Equity

  • Secondaries & Primaries, Talent Inside Ardian

While the proportion of women in private equity has continued to rise in recent years, there is still a long way to go before they can enjoy the same...

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The Millennial Executive Committee, which represents the company’s rising generation of under-35s, has expanded its numbers and focuses on four major...

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