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Ardian is defined by the standards it sets for itself. We benchmark our governance and professionalism against the world’s most respected public companies and institutions.

Success is what happens when you stay true to your values and focus on the right goals.

Dominique Senequier President of Ardian

Executive Committee

Executive Commitee

Dominique Senequier


Dominique Senequier is the Founder and President of Ardian. Surrounded by her teams, she has been instrumental in all phases of Ardian’s development.

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Supervisory Committee: The guardians of Ardian’s governance

Supervisory Committee

The mission of the independent Supervisory Committee is to make sure Ardian has the same level of governance as a major public company and is managed to the highest standards, with a special focus on risk management. Its members safeguard and balance the interests of Ardian’s key stakeholders: its LPs and co-investors, shareholders and employees.

  • Pascal CHRISTORY

    Member of the Supervisory Committee

  • Olaf BONOTTO

    Member of the Supervisory Committee

  • Giovanna TRUCCO

    Member of the Supervisory Committee

  • Vincent GOMBAULT

    Member of the Supervisory Committee

  • Didier DECONINCK

    Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Committee

  • Patrick THOMAS

    Chairman of the Supervisory Committee

  • Jean-Michel VERHAEGEN

    Member of the Supervisory Committee

  • François MORISSON

    Member of the Supervisory Committee

Ardian is a strong company, thanks to its governance and the talented people it can call upon in every part of the organization.

Patrick Thomas Chairman of the Supervisory Committee

Millenial Executive Committee

Millenial Executive Committee

The voice of our next generation

Established in 2017, Ardian’s Millennial Executive Committee comprises 15 employees, all aged under 35, who meet regularly to represent the views of our younger employees, providing them with a bigger role in deciding our company’s future. The Millennial Comex makes its recommendations to Ardian’s Executive Committee.