Ardian becomes first European-rooted partner to support Ownership Works


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Ardian becomes first European-rooted partner to support Ownership Works

  • 05 December 2022

  • Sustainability

  • France, Paris

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Ardian, a world-leading private investment house, announces being Ownership Works’ first European-rooted partner. This partnership will allow Ardian to support and extend the impact of its existing practice of profit sharing and implementing other value sharing schemes in its portfolio companies.

Ardian has been practicing profit sharing for nearly 15 years as part of its sustainability vision and organized its first distribution in 2008, following the creation of an internal charter detailing principles of shared value. Ardian’s commitment to profit sharing and other value sharing schemes is based on the belief that if we are to successfully transform the performance of portfolio companies, active participation from everyone will be necessary. Since then, Ardian has distributed a portion of capital gains at exit to more than 31,000 employees at 40 portfolio companies and assets through its Buyout, Expansion, and Infrastructure investments, representing between one to six months’ salary for each employee. Ardian’s Buyout and Expansion teams also recently committed to expand value sharing schemes to 100% of portfolio companies.

Ownership Works is a new US-based non-profit organization that partners with companies and investors to provide all employees with the opportunity to build wealth at work. This partnership with Ownership Works, established from shared values and common vision, will allow Ardian to go beyond actions implemented to date through its promotion of a shared ownership program to at least three companies by late 2024. The program will incorporate several features, including a broad-based equity plan that aims to provide all full-time employees with a pathway for sharing in the equity upside, an employee financial education program, and an employee engagement program.

“We are very proud to partner with Ownership Works and to implement shared ownership schemes in our portfolio. At Ardian, we believe that everyone who has contributed to a successful investment should be rewarded for their contribution. From Ardian’s perspective as a private investment house, we see our commitment to reward employees of portfolio companies as an important element of our license to operate. We are convinced Ownership Works will soon become a major movement in the private equity industry and we are proud to be its first European partner.” Thibault Basquin, Deputy Head of Buyout, Ardian

“This is another step in our commitment to implement value sharing within our portfolio companies. We are honored to be the first European partner of Ownership Works. Value sharing helps us to deliver positive social outcomes in line with our sustainability commitments and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 10, which seeks to reduce inequality. This shared ownership program will allow us to reward our portfolio company employees, recognize their work and daily efforts, and express Ardian’s culture and values.” Candice Brenet, Head of Sustainability and Managing Director, Ardian

“We admire Ardian’s leadership and existing efforts to create more equity for workers and are grateful to them as early champions of the shared ownership model in the European market. We know they will be critical partners to Ownership Works in helping us evolve our thinking and approach.” Peter Stavros, Founder and Chairman, Ownership Works; Co-Head of Us Private Equity, KKR

“We’re thrilled to have Ardian as our first European-rooted partner and with the natural alignment between the Ownership Works mission and Ardian’s existing efforts to share value with workers We look forward to leveraging this new partnership as a learning ground from which to explore expanding our consortium of partners outside the US. “ Anna-Lisa Miller, Executive Director, Ownership Works


Ardian is a world-leading private investment house, managing or advising $140bn of assets on behalf of more than 1,400 clients globally. Our broad expertise, spanning Private Equity, Real Assets and Credit, enables us to offer a wide range of investment opportunities and respond flexibly to our clients’ differing needs. Through Ardian Customized Solutions we create bespoke portfolios that allow institutional clients to specify the precise mix of assets they require and to gain access to funds managed by leading third-party sponsors. Private Wealth Solutions offers dedicated services and access solutions for private banks, family offices and private institutional investors worldwide. Ardian is majority-owned by its employees and places great emphasis on developing its people and fostering a collaborative culture based on collective intelligence. Our 990+ employees, spread across 15 offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia, are strongly committed to the principles of Responsible Investment and are determined to make finance a force for good in society. Our goal is to deliver excellent investment performance combined with high ethical standards and social responsibility.
At Ardian we invest all of ourselves in building companies that last.


Founded in 2021, Ownership Works is a new nonprofit organization that partners with companies and investors to provide all employees with the opportunity to build wealth at work. Through partnerships, network-building, education, data, and storytelling, we’re inspiring a groundswell of interest among business leaders and investors to provide all employees with the opportunity to participate in the value they help create. Ownership Works brings together an unprecedented consortium of corporations, foundations, investors, labor advocates and pension funds that recognize the power of employee ownership to unlock new levels of success for companies while creating a pathway to wealth creation for workers. Through movement building and hands-on guidance, Ownership Works envisions a future in which broad-based employee ownership is the new norm at work. At scale, we believe employee ownership can help millions of lower-income workers build savings and wealth, often for the first time, at businesses that are more dynamic, resilient, and successful.

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