Between 2009 and 2013, Rollon’s turnover has more than doubled. In 2013, Rollon’s revenues reached €55m, some 80% of which was generated in foreign markets including France, Germany and the United States.


Rollon’s challenges

Rollon Group is an Italian company which manufactures linear rails used in sectors ranging from railways and aeronautics to logistics, packaging, machine tools and medical equipment.

“When a number of our institutional investors wanted to sell out, it seemed to us a logical step to approach a global company to enter a new step of our development”, said Eraldo Bianchessi, CEO of Rollon

Why Ardian?

Ardian has strong international visibility and local teams established in Rollon's key markets.
At the acquisition date, Rollon’s development involves building up market share in countries that the company sees as strategic, like the United States, whose size offers great growth potential.

Management's view

"Rollon’s growth depends on expanding its product offering and bolstering its sales network so that it can build up positions in complementary markets like aerospace and medical. Thanks to their network and mastery of industrial build-ups, Ardian teams have supported us in implementing this strategy"

Eraldo Bianchessi
CEO of Rollon

Ardian’s support

"We helped the Group to acquire new blue-chip clients in the train and aerospace sectors and expand to new markets."
Paolo Bergonzini, Managing Director and Head of the Italian Expansion team

Ardian’s experience in rationalizing management systems and financial monitoring has been a source of guidance. Rollon has 300 employees and subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, France and the United States. Its management has broad international experience and deep industrial expertise.

Ardian applies ESG criteria to the whole investment process. In this strategy in 2010, Ardian was the first p.e. company to decide to distribute a part of itscapital gains to all employees of divested portfolio companies. In December 2013, each employee of Rollon received ca. €2,000 bonus during following Ardian’s exit.

After Ardian

In November 2013, Ardian and Consilium sold their shares in Rollon to Chequers Capital and IGI SGR. These companies will help Rollon in its future growth projects and its expansion into new markets, in particular in the Far East.
"I would like to thank Ardian and Consilium for their support and competence during these crucial years which allowed us to hit our ambitious targets.", said Eraldo Bianchessi, CEO of Rollon


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