Ardian Analysis

Our publications and studies cover a range of topics where we provide insights of who we are and what we do but also analysis of our market.

  • 2019 Activity Report

    In 2019 we continued our journey, pursuing our vision of truly responsible finance and placing sustainability at the heart of every project.
    Discover Ardian's Activity Report 2019 and meet our talented people!

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  • Funds of Funds Sustainability Brochure

    Sustainability in the private Fund of Funds market. Discover key insights from Ardian's GP engagement program

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  • The Augmented Infrastructure: digital for climate?

    At the third edition of Paris Infraweek, Ardian held a conference focusing on the impact of digital technology on worldwide CO2 emissions. On this occasion, Ardian Infrastructure and Fabernovel released the follow-up of the "The Augmented Infrastructure" study on the issue of “digital for climate”. Read the new Study!

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  • Sustainability Report 2018

    Ardian empowers individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders. Discover our Sustainability Report.

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  • 2018 Activity Report

    The Ardian Activity Report presents the company's key figures, the highlights of the year as well as all the investment activities.

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  • Initiative Carbon 2020

    The commitment of French private equity players to measure, manage and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their portfolio companies.

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