Technology & Strategy merges Intys Partners and pursues further growth, with support of Ardian


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Technology & Strategy merges Intys Partners and pursues further growth, with support of Ardian

  • 07 April 2022

  • Expansion

  • France, Paris

6 minutes de lecture

Technology & Strategy (T&S), the European specialist in technology consulting, announces that it has merged Intys Partners, one of the leading Belgian consulting firms in operations management and digital transformation, formerly held by Omnes.

With the support of Ardian's Expansion team, T&S is positioned at the forefront of the European consulting and engineering industry.

Founded in 2008, T&S has established itself as a specialist in engineering, digital and project management consulting, with recognized expertise in embedded systems. The company has experienced very strong growth of more than 20% every year, both organically and externally. The merger with Intys Partners, a European firm recognized as a major partner in management consulting with more than 450 employees, is a new step for T&S in its "scale up 2024" plan. It aims to create a one-stop-shop for clients to access the best combination of specialists for their technological transformation.

The combined group will count more than 2,400 employees and show strong expertise, sector and geographic complementarities.

It is now a leading consulting firm, offering expertise in three primary areas: engineering consulting, digital consulting, and operational performance consulting. The geographical footprint is strongly reinforced in the Benelux and now extends from Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany, Benelux) to Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore).

As a multi-specialist player in high-growth niche markets, the merger with Intys Partners will enable the group to strengthen its sector expertise in Healthcare, which now represents 13% of combined revenues.

Attracting new talent – an essential pillar to the Group’s strategy - will be strengthened by offering opportunities for career growth and opportunities to work abroad.

Globally, new synergies resulting from the integration of Intys Partners will enable T&S group to develop around strong brands which are better able to serve clients.

"Intys is above all a meeting with a manager and a company with a similar history to the one of T&S. The strong complementarity of our offers, our businesses and above all of our people will enable us to achieve our common ambition of going further, stronger, together. " Jérémie Huss, Co-Founder and CEO of T&S Group

"Recently, one of our major clients told me: "Intys, we greatly appreciate your ability to understand our business, but also the innovative way you look at our projects. The question I want to ask you is, when will you be ready to deliver the same level of quality not only in Belgium, but also further abroad?" Today, with this merger, I am convinced that we are ready. “ Philippe Metz, CEO of Intys

"Supporting high-growth, ambitious companies looking to expand outside their home market is at the heart of our investment philosophy. We are pleased to support the management of T&S in this new stage of development, which confirms the group's abilitý to continue its growth while participating in the consolidation of the sector." Marie Arnaud-Battandier, Managing Director Ardian Expansion

List of Participants

  • Technology & Strategy:

    • Jérémie Huss, Fabrice Tricaud
  • Intys Partners:

    • Philippe Metz, Michel Van Hemele, Katrien De Both
  • Ardian Expansion:

    • Marie Arnaud-Battandier, Arthur de Salins, Thomas Grétéré
  • Buyer Legal advisors:

    • CMS (Arnaud Van Oekel, David Prync, Candice Kunkera)
  • Tax structuring:

    • CMS (Olivier Querinjean), Delaby & Dorison (Emmanuel Delaby, Florian Tumoine, Guillaume Lacombe)
  • Buyer financing advisors:

    • Latham & Watkins (Michel Houdayer, Aurélie Buchinet, Matthieu Herviaux)
  • Buyer M&A advisors:

    • Houlihan Lokey (Sara Napolitano, Gary Kurtz, Zaid Lahsiba)
  • Commercial Due Diligence:

    • Roland Berger (Grégoire Tondreau, Benjamin Verhelst)
  • Financial Due Diligence:

    • 8 Advisory (Philippe Fimmers, Margot De Vylder, Florent Garnier, Pierre-David Forterre, Alain Kabera)
  • Legal, Tax and Social Due Diligence:

    • CMS (Arnaud Van Oekel, Benoit Gomel, David Prync, Candice Kunkera)
  • Omnes :

    • Stéphane Roussilhe, Jess Wizman, Céleste Lauriot Dit Prevost
  • Seller Legal advisors :

    • Hoche Avocats (Grine Lahreche, Sophie Millet)
  • Management Legal advisors:

    • Liedekerke (Damien Conem, Charline Cogels)


Technology & Strategy is a company created in 2008. Specialized in Engineering, IT, Digital and Project Management, T&S supports its customers on innovative development projects. T&S also has an integrated design office to meet the requirements of the market.
Human oriented, and definitely focused on excellence, T&S is a company that shares its expertise with a constant concern for transparency. Technology & Strategy has been able to build trusting relationships with major clients in the industrial, automotive and financial sectors.
International, with a Franco-German DNA, T&S defends an entrepreneurial model supported by its 2000 employees, composed of 30 nationalities spread over 16 agencies and 7 countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong).


Created in 2007, Intys now has more than 450 employees in 3 countries, with a strong base in Belgium. The company is recognized as a major consulting partner, particularly in the support and operationalization of strategies.
Its activities are structured around business expertise through 6 brands. Intys Consulting, Intys FSA and Univers Retail in Management Consulting, and Intys Data, Agir, and Vadis Technologies in Technology Consulting. This organization allows the development of an in-depth knowledge of both the sectors and the businesses of its clients, but also the sharing of best practices in terms of strategy execution.
Its ambition is to be a partner of choice for its customers and employees, to maintain its level of operational excellence, but also to have a stronger European footprint, even on other continents.


Ardian is one of the world's leading private equity firms with $125 billion under management and/or advisory in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The company, majority owned by its employees, has always placed entrepreneurship at the heart of its approach and offers its international investors top-tier performance.
Through its commitment to sharing the value created with all stakeholders, Ardian contributes to the growth of companies and economies around the world.
Building on its values of excellence, loyalty and entrepreneurship, Ardian has an international network of over 850 employees in 15 offices in Europe (Frankfurt, Jersey, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Zurich), North America (New York, San Francisco), South America (Santiago) and Asia (Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul). The firm manages funds for 1,200 clients through its five investment pillars: Fund of Funds, Direct Funds, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Private Debt.

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