Adapting for a new macroeconomic reality


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Adapting for a new macroeconomic reality

  • 06 December 2023

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    During September’s IPEM in Paris, Ardian President Dominique Senequier sat down with Matthew Gwyther to discuss Ardian’s 10-year journey and the current economic climate; from consolidation within private markets to the energy crisis.

    IPEM | Adapting for a new macroeconomic reality

    Dominique Senequier, CEO and Founder of Ardian discussed opportunities in the private equity market and how to adapt for a new macroeconomic reality, at the IPEM.

    Ardian maintaining its excellence over the past decade is evident by the more than quadrupling of AUM, much to do with Ardian’s focus on diversification and ability to adapt:

    We fully underestimated the strength and potential of Ardian to go through economic turbulence in the past decade. Ardian grew from $36 billion AUM to $156 billion. The bigger you are, the challenge is to keep the excellence.

    Dominique Senequier, CEO & Founder of Ardian

    Dominique spotlighted Ardian’s internal reflection of the new management over the past year, to utilize new forces among the executives to broaden the focus and remain innovative and agile in the current complex environment, including the search for alternative sources of energy due to the war, the shifting dynamics surrounding China, the rise of inflation and its effects on the economy.

    Nevertheless, Dominique expressed she believes there are good times ahead for private equity and Ardian, concluding by highlighting the importance of Ardian’s values and philanthropy, which is increasingly expanding.

    As Dominique says on the past decade: “It was quite an adventure.”