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PRGX, technological and intelligent financial solutions

  • 16 May 2022

  • Co-Investment

Discover how PRGX went from a pure recovery audit company to a recovery-intelligent solution provider with Michael Lustig, President and CEO of PRGX and James Sly, Senior Vice President Global Retail Operations at PRGX.

PRGX developed a proprietary technology, the Verigon ® solution platform, which captures all the data from its clients and then provides actionable real-time insights into this data, that clients are not able get from their enterprise software platforms. At the heart of this platform, The Epiphany Data Foundation ™ allows PRGX to ingest and manage huge volumes of complex data.

We can handle huge volumes of complex data. We're talking about 360 terabytes of customer data and about 330 million emails per year.

Michael Lustig, President and CEO of PRGX

The company serves the largest companies across the globe in numerous sectors: retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas and more. It analyzes over 400 billion of its clients' annual spend and delivers hundreds of millions annually back to their profit margins.

Ardian North America Fund has helped PRGX to focus on its core solutions and developing its technology. In the next two years, Ardian will support the company in focusing on technology-enabled business solutions with advanced analytics to meet the needs of its clients.