Portraits of excellence

H2 Pharma, France's leading pharmaceutical manufacturer for generic products

  • 13 May 2022

  • Growth

Discover how H2 Pharma developed Europe's most modern plant in the making of non-sterile liquid pharmaceutical specialties, with Henry Hassid, founder and Executive Manager of H2 Pharma and Emilie Letellier, Quality Manager at H2 Pharma.

Henry Hassid, now founder and Executive Manager of H2 Pharma, bought the pharmaceutical laboratory for one symbolic franc the day he graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy. At the time, the plant only produced 200,000 units per year. Today, H2 Pharma is manufacturing 50 million units per year and plans to double its production with the support of Ardian.

One of our big challenges was to stay in France. We received a number of requests to construct plants in the EU particularly in Eastern Europe. But we are French and we love France, so we stayed

Henry Hassid, founder and Executive Manager of H2 Pharma

H2 Pharma differentiates itself through its control of the entire value chain: the company buys the materials, manufactures, conditions, controls and dispatches. H2 Pharma’s cutting-edge technological equipment and automated production processes allows the company to grow competitively. The Ardian Growth  team will support the company in the development of new products and will allow H2 Pharma to become one of the top-performing pharmaceutical plants in the world.