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The Augmented Infrastructure Part III: The Fight for a Net-Zero Aviation

  • 01 March 2023

  • Infrastructure, Sustainability

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    The aviation industry is an important contributor to both global and local economies and plays a key role in connecting territories. As the urgency for decarbonization grows, all industries, including the air transport, must take action.

    Ardian adopts a balanced strategy that incorporates both a transition in travel habits and encouraging the development of innovative technologies for the aviation industry to reach net-zero. The four airports within the portfolio of the Infrastructure team at Ardian are equipped with “Ardian Air Carbon”, an in-house digital solution to help them monitor their scope 3 emissions, making Ardian a key player in the fight towards a net-zero aviation.

    Infographic The fight for a net-zero aviation

    Turin Airport has achieved accreditation to Level 3 'Optimisation' of the Airport Carbon Accreditation program, promoted by ACI Europe, the association of European airports. This environmental sustainability program is a common protocol for actively managing climate-changing emissions at airports through concrete, measurable results.


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