Private Debt

A European leader for the financing of mid-market companies

« The team has the capacity to come up fast with alternative financing solutions. »
Mark Brenke
Head of Ardian Private Debt, Managing Director
« The team has the capacity to come up fast with alternative financing solutions. »
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Olivier Berment
Head of Ardian Global Debt Fund, Managing Director
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Ardian entered the Private Debt market in 2005 with the launch of its first Private Debt fund, and has adapted its strategy over time which has seen it pioneer unitranche lending in Europe. Over this time period, the team has completed more than 130 transactions, thereby establishing one of the longest track records through the business cycle in the European Private Debt market.

Financing a full suite of transactions. With $7bn managed or advised, the 17-strong team based in Paris, London and Frankfurt has the scale to arrange financings of between €30M and more than €300M for LBO, OBO, management shareholding restructuring, recapitalization or financing consolidation.

Highly bespoke financing solutions. Ardian has developed a full range of financing products:

• Unitranche / senior financing: first-ranking secured debt usually with bullet maturity

• Subordinated financing: loans subordinated to first-ranking debt with equity priority

Focus on unitranche. Ardian is a pioneer of unitranche financing in Europe. This innovative and flexible form of financing allows companies to concentrate their investments on external growth. Particularly useful for companies with growth strategies, this financing is increasingly used by companies and funds.

A key partner. Created in 2005, the Private Debt team has built relationships of trust with investment funds notably via its team network and through the Fund of Funds activity of the company.

Experience. Leading European Private Debt provider with more than 15 years’ experience and deep product expertise.

Key figures

$7bn managed or advised

130+ deals executed by Ardian since 2005 and 100 exits

17 employees

Investor Relations

« Client interests come first »

Dominique Senequier



Ardian has helped more than 250 companies since its creation. Its current portfolio comprises 150+ businesses.