Between 2009 and 2013, Ardian supported the international growth strategy of Competence Call Center based on its deep understanding of the industry and its international network. CCC has experienced an annual growth of 20% and its staff have more than doubled.

The company

CCC’s challenges

Founded in 1998, Competence Call Center is one of the leading call-center outsourcer in Europe providing high value services in 28 languages from 13 sites in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Romania, Poland and Turkey. The core business of CCC focuses on voice and digital services as well as written communication.

In 2009, the founder Thomas Kloibhofer wanted to anticipate his succession and was looking for a shareholding transmission solution while giving CCC the necessary resources to enter a new phase of its development.

Why Ardian?

CCC was looking for a company able to support both its local issues and its international ambitions. By choosing Ardian, CCC has found partners with local expertise and a global network to further develop the company alongside the existing management team.

Entrepreneur’s view

"Ardian’s understanding of our industry and the quality of the due diligences undertaken upstream of the investment process allowed Ardian teams to be quickly operational. A relationship of trust and exchange has rapidly been established and the collaboration was always very constructive."

Christian Legat
President of CCC

Ardian support

"On the paper, it was expected that we receive a dashboard every month and we meet every quarter. In fact, we exchanged every week."
Dirk Wittneben, Managing Director at Ardian Germany

Together with Ardian CCC was able to expand its business in Germany, with the acquisition of Air Berlin’s customer service. During the holding period several international top clients have been acquired among others Samsung, for which the company provide services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as for Slovenia.

Between 2009 and 2013, the number of employees increased from 2,000 to 4,500 and the turnover has more than doubled to €90m.

The after Ardian

From the beginning of their collaboration, Ardian and CCC had a clear roadmap for a 4-5 year time horizon in order to fulfill CCC’s objectives of transmission and internationalization. After three years, Thomas Kloibhofer actually left the management team and became a member of the supervisory board. In December 2013 an agreement was made with Silverfleet Capital for the sale of Ardian’s majority stake in CCC.

In December 2013, CCC has founded a joint venture with Air Berlin to handle and expand the range of local and international Air Berlin customer services. As a consequence the ground for continuing the CCC growth story is laid and the positioning of CCC as a first class customer care service provider will be further strengthened.


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