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We are an employee controlled company managing and/or advising more than $120 bn of assets. Our mission is to generate sustainable, long-term returns for our clients, alongside positive social impact that benefits all our stakeholders and society at large.

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Private debt: financing growth in a downturn

Covid-19 dislocation has been a litmus test for the resilience of private debt portfolios and the ability of managers to support companies through a downturn. Direct lenders with prudent strategies have passed with flying colours.

Germany, March 2021

$ 120 Bn

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Positive Social Impact

Our mission is to invest in a way that creates sustainable, long-term value and fulfils our social responsibilities. We believe that the gains we help to create should be shared as widely as possible.


Treating every investor as an individual

From the beginning, Ardian has fostered a culture of excellent customer service and a drive to exceed our clients’ expectations and earn their loyalty. We combine professionalism with a personal touch.


Success built on the efforts of extremely talented people

We look for excellence and integrity in everyone who joins Ardian. We are a company built on long-term commitments and the loyalty that sustains them.

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Our aim is to find talented people from a diverse pool and welcome them into our company. We want to do a lot more to promote diversity and inclusion over the next few years.




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