Car Carbon: Partnering with our portfolio companies to measure and reduce road traffic emissions on highways


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Car Carbon: Partnering with our portfolio companies to measure and reduce road traffic emissions on highways

  • 11 September 2023

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    Highways are the lifelines of modern transportation, but their carbon footprint casts a shadow over sustainability efforts.

    Ardian introduces Car Carbon, a specialized tool developed in collaboration with our Infrastructure portfolio companies, Ascendi and Wintics, to enhance the monitoring of highway emissions and inform policy decisions.
    Scope 3 emissions generated by road traffic account for 90% of the total carbon footprint on highways today, yet there are no industry standards or specialized tools to measure them. Car Carbon fills this technological gap by accurately measuring emissions data on highways, enabling users to improve their carbon footprint.

    A data-driven platform to efficiently manage carbon emissions

    Introducing Car Carbon: Revolutionizing highway emissions monitoring, empowering sustainable decisions. A game-changer for a greener future!

    As road operators, it is our responsibility to make decisions not only based on efficiency and financial performance but also based on their impact on sustainability. Car Carbon is providing the data we need to make the best decisions going forward.

    Teresa Santos, Manager for Mobility & Digital Transformation, Business Development Department, Ascendi

    Car Carbon is connected to Ascendi's systems, generating hourly traffic data classified by vehicle category. It distinguishes itself by utilizing granular computation, leveraging the data to obtain precise emission estimates.
    This initiative combines Ardian's expertise in developing data-driven products with Ascendi's traffic engineers and sustainability team, who have transformed our theoretical model into an industrialized product. Wintics, an expert in computer vision technology, has also played a critical role by developing an AI-based application to identify vehicles carrying multiple passengers. This incentivizes carpooling and mitigates noise and air pollution– two essential factors for improved future mobility.

    At Ardian, we believe digital innovation plays a key role in designing and executing decarbonization initiatives. Car Carbon and Ascendi's collaboration with Wintics are great examples of how Ardian portfolio companies accelerate digitalization and promote a long-term vision for sustainability and value creation.

    Pauline Thomson, Director and Head of Digital Innovation, Infrastructure, Ardian