Responsible finance

Responsible finance defined by its words

  • 11 March 2021

  • Sustainability

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As responsible finance gains ground with investors, offerings diversify and initiatives to promote a more social and environmental approach to investments flourish, “sustainable” acronyms are proliferating. Explanation.

Behind these numerous responsible finance acronyms lie certifications, labels, national and international initiatives, exchange platforms and commissions, with different scopes and responding to a range of challenges. 

This explosion in the number of acronyms reflects three realities. It demonstrates the finance and investment world’s growing interest in responsible finance. It is also proof of ongoing structuring efforts to establish common criteria for defining and managing responsible finance. Finally, it assesses the efforts of both corporate and investment players in this area.

Fully aware of our role as investors, our commitment to responsible finance dates back more than twenty years, with our involvement in numerous initiatives.
Ardian has developed a sustainable and responsible investment approach which is currently re-flected across all its investment activities and at Ardian corporate level. 

Our first profit-sharing charter was drafted in 2008. Since then, profit sharing on exit has become increasingly common across our portfolio companies. This employee commitment is accompanied by an environmental concern embodied by the International Climate Initiative in 2015, participation in international discussions on the very definition of responsible finance and much more. 
In November 2020, Ardian signed a pledge at the 3rd One Planet Sovereign Wealth Funds Summit, agreeing collectively with other financial actors to accelerate their actions to align with the Paris Agreement. 

In recent years, we have also considerably strengthened our actions to promote gender equality and equal opportunities, and were awarded the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) ASSESS level one certification, recognizing our commitment to gender equality. 

We believe finance must be a force for good for society and the planet. This belief, which has underpinned our commitment from the outset, has resulted in tangible initiatives. As investors, we have fundamentally redesigned our approach and the way we support companies. As a company, we pay close attention to our contribution to society and the environment. 

We promote responsible companies and finance so that everyone can contribute to the creation of sustainable value for all. This is our vision of responsibility. Learn more about our commitments and actions.

We present below an overview of responsible finance through a glossary of the main acronyms and initiatives, with details of our participation and actions undertaken where relevant. 



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