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Mobility at Ardian: Benjamin Mathieu's journey

  • 26 September 2022

  • Talent, Investor Relations

  • Paris, France

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    Learn more about the business and career opportunities at Ardian, through Benjamin’s background.

    We have been on a constant growth and international expansion since our creation in 1996. We are experts, focused on performance and excellence, with a real appetite for achievement.

    At Ardian, you will be part of a team that supports and encourages you. And part of a leading company that is growing every year and expanding around the world.

    Ardian is a great adventure and to young people who would like to join it, we have to tell them that there is still a lot to do, to see and many opportunities.

    Benjamin Mathieu, Client Servicing Manager Investor Relations

    Our story is already one of success and promise—and there is much more to come. Like Benjamin, be part of our success story!