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Meet Christopher, Analyst within the Secondaries & Primaries team at Ardian in London

  • 26 September 2022

  • Talent, Secondaries & Primaries

  • London, United-KIngdom

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    Learn more about Christopher’s growing career path at Ardian!

    At Ardian you get a lot of responsibility early on. People trust you to speak up in meetings, to contribute and bring ideas which helps you grow from the start.

    Christopher Sealey, Analyst Secondaries & Primaries at Ardian

    At Ardian, we offer you a fulfilling career, with meaning and impact, in a company that has a strong and distinctive corporate culture. We believe that when each person can reach their full potential, it expands global performance. That is why we are investing in our talent and in those who are yet to join us.

    Within Ardian, we think of talent as the source of our collective intelligence. We want our collective intelligence to be as broad and as deep as possible.