Investing In Climate Action: The Case For Hydrogen


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Investing In Climate Action: The Case For Hydrogen

  • 13 September 2022

  • Real Assets

  • Infrastructure, Sustainability

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    Investing In Climate Action: The Case For Hydrogen is a collaborative effort between Ardian and business leaders in the infrastructure industry.

    Ardian believes large-scale hydrogen investments must be secured to accelerate the energy transition.

    In this publication, experts from industry, finance, and government, explore the necessary next steps to unlock the potential of hydrogen as a critical component of the energy transition. Investing in Climate Action: The Case for Hydrogen exposes urgent actions to support the deployment of the necessary hydrogen infrastructure and pave the way towards a developed hydrogen economy.

    Ardian’s resolve to be a force for good is reflected in our commitment to the global Net Zero effort. I am certain that hydrogen will be critical to humanity’s success in this unprecedented challenge. Clean hydrogen has long been considered the energy of the future, but it must quickly become the energy of today. Ardian intends to pave the way.

    Dominique Senequier, Founder and President of Ardian

    Ardian Infrastructure is a lead financier of the global pursuit of a world powered by clean energy.

    Ardian’s commitments include hydrogen, which can help decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors ranging from steelmaking to aviation.

    "Investing in Climate Change: The Case for Hydrogen" book cover