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The Fight for a Net-Zero Aviation - The Augmented Infrastructure Part III

  • 09 November 2022

  • Infrastructure, Sustainability

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    To meet Paris agreement targets and contain the effects of climate change, the air transport industry is rethinking its ecosystem model and developing innovations to accelerate the fight against climate change.

    The “augmented” airport is a key catalyst for the industry decarbonization.

    Two ways of thinking have emerged in the recent years. For some, the only viable option to limit the sector’s impact will be to have a more sober approach to air travel. For others, it seems that salvation will only come from technological breakthroughs and sector innovation that will have the ability to make flying completely carbon-free. Ardian believes in the need of a third approach, which combines all available levers.

    Indeed, acting collectively will be essential and necessary if we need to reinvent air travel with more sustainability at a global scale. Airports, institutional organisations and industry players will need to strengthen their collaboration to enable the transition of the sector, so does Ardian.

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