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Artefact, the data alchemist

  • 13 May 2022

  • Expansion

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    Discover how Artefact is unlocking value from data, with Vincent Luciani CEO and co-founder of Artefact.

    Discover how Artefact is unlocking value from data, with Vincent Luciani CEO and co-founder of Artefact.  

    Data and A.I. have a huge impact not only for business, but also for the whole of society. Our Expansion activity invested in Artefact, the largest data-consulting firm in Europe, with the objective to support the company with its external growth.

    Today, data is available in every sector. Data for consumers, for connected devices, for factories... So it is a big challenge to collect and connect all this data. And it is our job at Artefact to unlock value from this data.

    Vincent Luciani CEO and co-founder of Artefact

    Artefact was founded in 2014 by Vincent Luciani and Guillaume de Roquemaurel. After rapid international expansion, Artefact established itself as a leader in data-driven business transformation, with the aim of creating value by bridging the gap between data and business.

    The company now has a turnover of 100 million euros and an annual growth rate of about 30%. The company is present in 15 countries internationally and its goal is to quadruple in size. Today, Artefact is addressing the challenge of recruitment with the Artefact School of Data, to train the new generation of data leaders.
    In this video testimonial, you will see one of the examples of data usage by Artefact, which helped  the Carrefour Group to build a sales-prevision algorithm for its bakery sections.
    In a market driven by exponential growth in data the Ardian's Expansion team  will support Artefact's management team in a new phase of acceleration with the aim of becoming a global data services leader. Artefact will invest in an ambitious recruitment program for new talent with already 500 recruitments planned for 2022. Finally, the Group will be an active player in the consolidation of the market by accelerating strategic acquisitions in a still highly fragmented data services market.