Ardian’s Millennial Comex: the younger generation enjoys a bigger platform


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Ardian’s Millennial Comex: the younger generation enjoys a bigger platform

  • 13 April 2021

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    The Millennial Executive Committee, which represents the company’s rising generation of under-35s, has expanded its numbers and focuses on four major issues for Ardian’s future.

    Ardian’s Millennial Executive Committee has grown from 12 to 15 members as the original committee’s mandate came to an end. The first group of employees to serve on the Millennial Comex established the committee’s governance and chose four priorities for its work: talent retention, cohesion, social impact and reputation. 


    The next generation’s vision

    The Millennial Comex brings together employees aged under 35 from Ardian’s global network of offices to represent the vision of the next generation and consider how the company should develop over the coming decades. Diversity within the Millennial Comex is a critical consideration, with each member representing a different team or territory. The new Committee includes representatives from the Growth, Real Estate and Co-Investment teams, as well as support functions such as Legal and HR, which were not part of the first intake. 

    We like to consider ourselves as a resource for the company, highlighting disruptive and creative ideas for each Ardian expertise to consider. We are excited to tackle the challenges presented by these fast-changing times and ensure that, by listening to the younger generation’s expectations, Ardian remains competitive and forward-looking.

    Jessica du Vivier, President of the Millennial Comex

    Innovation and creativity

    The committee aims to promote innovation and creative thinking and empower younger staff to help guide the company’s development. Its work aims to strengthen the company’s culture and encourages talented young people to pursue careers with Ardian. 

    The current members, nominated by their peers, were chosen for their commitment to the company and their ability to bring value to the group. The former Millennial Comex handed over to the new generation in February 2020, allowing them to meet, brainstorm and find common ground on a wide range of topics, including training, talent retention, diversity, global integration and technology. 


    New ways of working

    The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the shift to new ways of working, which the Millennial Comex carefully analyzed to identify challenges and opportunities for Ardian. One of their first major initiatives was to consider flexible working and the policies and tools around this that would need to be developed. This topic was a great opportunity for the Millennial Comex to partner with the HR and IT teams to jointly deliver results. 
    In November 2020, a new remote working policy at Ardian was approved by the Comex. It will be launched in 2021, after the Covid lockdown.  
    This is a significant development for Ardian, positioning the company to embrace societal changes in working habits.
     While Ardian continues to grow and expand, listening to the voice of the younger generation is a priority for the Millennial Comex. It has launched a series of discussion groups that bring together Ardian’s youngest recruits to understand their expectations and views on the Millennial Comex’s key areas of work. More than 30 young employees have taken part in these discussions, contributing ideas to help Ardian remain competitive and appealing.  

    A series of initiatives stood out from our brainstorming sessions and we encourage all of our employees to come to us with fresh ideas and challenges to consider.

    Jessica du Vivier, President of the Millennial Comex
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    Ardian's Millennial Comex members:
    Zachary Levine; Pauline Thomson; Anaïs Robin; David Mcdonough; Alvaro Sanz Carrasqueño; Nadine Zariffa; Matthieu Labouche; Omar Fjer; Apoorva Joshi; Maxime Durieux; Jérôme Jouyet; Jessica Du Vivier; Romain Chiudini; Yannic Metzger.