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Ardian Infrastructure owns and operates the essential assets on which modern economies rely. Our investments in Europe, North and South America include airports, rail, toll roads, energy distribution networks, renewable power generation assets, telecom towers and social infrastructure.

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    Technology, Media and Telecom
    Technology, Media and Telecom

    Maple Leaf is a battery storage portfolio composed of ten asset locations throughout Ontario and includes two separate 10 MW/20 MWh projects expected to reach commercial operations in 2021.
    The vehicle company is 80% owned by Ardian Infrastructure and 20% by Enel X. Through the partnership, Enel X will continue to construct, operate, and maintain these projects and will be responsible for the development of future projects.

I believe our partnership with Ardian is essential if we are to become a more competitive player globally. It allows us to grow faster, to expand internationally and take advantage of major opportunities to win further concessions in Europe, Latin America and the US.

Beniamino Gavio Chairman of Gavio Group and Nuova Argo Finanziaria

Our partnership with Ardian, a company known for its sophisticated understanding of the infrastructure market, has provided both the resources and support to deliver on our strategy for building a leading North American power producer. There are great opportunities ahead and we are looking forward to taking advantage of them with Ardian’s full support.

Martin Mugica President & CEO of Skyline Renewables

Ardian is at the forefront of actively seeking and encouraging improvement of health and safety performance and proactively and responsibly support their partners in delivering demonstrable improvements and initiatives within organizations.

Graham Akrill Ardian Operating Partner

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