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    Eloquant was founded in 2001 in Grenoble following a Hewlett-Packard global telecommunications centre spin-off. In 2004, Eloquant gained its independence and began developing its own SaaS applications.

    Initially positioned on Dialog solutions for the unified management of incoming and outgoing customer interactions on communication channels (voice, email, chat, SMS, mobile apps, callback, social networks), Eloquant was acquired by Laurent Duc (CEO) and a financial partner in 2013. The company then marked a major strategic and commercial turning point, especially through several acquisitions that allowed it to broaden its customer solutions. In 2014, Eloquant acquired Interview, a company specialising in multichannel survey creation and management, which consolidated the Feedback solution. In 2015, Eloquant acquired Holmes Semantic Solutions (Ho2S), a company specialising in semantic and linguistic solutions. Finally, in 2018, Eloquant acquired LiveBotter, a company specialising in virtual assistants (chatbot), to reinforce the Dialog solution through a new channel; these automated conversational agents mark the beginning of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Relationship Management. The company also began its international expansion in 2018 by opening an office in Frankfurt

What I really appreciate is the quality of people that work in Ardian, they are financial oriented but they have really the knowledge to understand what the entrepreneur thinks and to help the company growth. It is a good mix that is very difficult to find on the market because normaly between finance and entrepeneurship there is a sort of barrier.

Marco Corradino CEO and founder of

We have invested significantly in the business over the past three years. To accelerate our growth, it was important that we choose a Partner with a strong understanding of the issues relating to international growth as well as the challenges associated with expanding our product range. Given the team’s track record and entrepreneurial approach, Ardian Growth was the obvious choice of partner for us.

Mathieu Tarnus CEO and founder of Sarbacane Software

This investment by one of the world’s leading investment funds is a further testament to Ivalua’s long term strategy and business model. This additional capital will allow us to deliver ever more value to our customers and secure future growth.

David Khuat-Duy CEO and Founder of Ivalua

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