A trusted partner for tailor-made investment solutions

Ardian offers tailor-made investment solutions – mandates – not only to serve clients’ overall private markets investment needs through one single account, but also to offer access to desired market niches. With its global reach and breadth in private markets, Ardian is an ideal partner to offer such tailored solutions.

Ardian has offered bespoke mandates since the early years of the company. Building on this experience, Ardian has the resources, processes and knowledge to offer true flexibility and customization:

• Portfolio strategy and construction designed to fit the client’s needs and objectives

• Portfolio steering over time, adapted to the client’s situation, particularly important for mandates with an open-end investment horizon

• Access to a broad selection of high quality funds globally, including also Ardian’s premium in-house offering

•Investment selection with flexible options for clients to be involved in the selection process and decision-making

• Extensive monitoring, with the ability to customize reporting and knowledge sharing with clients

•Financial controlling and reporting suited for the client’s investment structure and operations, by dedicated in-house mandate specialists

• In-house experts for legal and regulatory topics supporting vehicle setup or restructuring

Each mandate client has an individual situation, requiring a customized approach and specific services. Investors who choose to invest through an Ardian mandate are able to implement their individual strategies efficiently and seamlessly.

Key figures

$3bn+ of new mandate commitments in 2018

$5bn deployed in 2018

2 new investor regions added in 2018

Investor Relations

« Client interests come first »

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Ardian has helped more than 250 companies since its creation. Its current portfolio comprises 150+ businesses.