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The Foundation's missions

The ambition of the Ardian Foundation is to be inspirational and also the spearhead of the company's social engagement in causes close to its heart. It aims to give all Ardian employees the opportunity to take part and be involved in its activities. In 2014, the Foundation has refocused on a single mission: to create the best conditions for students and promising students from modest backgrounds to realize their potential.

The foundation’s mission is inspired by our belief in equality of opportunity. Talented young people should not be prevented from realizing their potential by material or social disadvantages. The foundation is now focusing our efforts on providing practical help to promising students who would otherwise struggle to pursue their studies. This includes bursaries, grants and financial help with accommodation as well as personal support and mentoring from Ardian’s employees.

In the years ahead, we look forward to helping many more talented young people across most of the countries and regions where Ardian operates to realise their academic and professional dreams.

"The way we work is very much in line with Ardian’s values of Excellence. We focus on talent, and support people together."

Amir Sharifi, President of the Ardian Foundation

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For more information about the foundation, consult our Ardian Foundation Activity Report 2016

Beneficiaries of the actions of Ardian Foundation

  • France

    Pupils and students from modest backgrounds:
    • Elementary school (RMN)
    • High School (Un avenir ensemble)
    • Undergraduates (Frateli)
    • Master students (CIUP, ESSEC, Sciences Po)

  • Italy

    Underprivileged students from Bocconi (Milan)

  • USA

    MBA students from ethnic diversity (Toigo)

  • China

    Underprivileged students:
    • Elementary school (Duancun school)
    • Primary School and High School (Couleurs de Chine)
    • Master (Paristech Shanghai)

Corporate social responsibility

CSR policy

Since 2009, Ardian integrates ESG criteria within the whole investment process.


Success stories


Ardian has a long track record of growing its portfolio companies, with many examples of these partnerships