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    Bruni Glass is a European leader in the field of special glass containers for spirits, food, pharmaceutical products and related accessories. Founded in 1974, Bruni Glass has a particular expertise in speciality products, often developed to meet a customer's specific requirements. Bruni’s target markets are Italy and all Western economies, with a particular focus on North America. The Group offers more than 3,000 products, which firmly establishes Bruni as a benchmark business for the industry. In 2011, the Group had a turnover of more than €108 million, with almost 60% of its sales abroad. Further, Bruni has grown by 16% in the last two years.

We appreciate Ardian’s unique support on our growth path that helped us very much to become market leader and position us ideally for future growth.”

Daniel Schustermann Managing Director of Schustermann & Borenstein

It is an efficient team, determined and confident in its choices, and always attentive to its partners. The relationships of trust that the Ardian team builds over time, with the management teams and, beyond that, with the advisors around them, are part of their DNA.

David Aknin Lawyer