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Meet Lagarrigue, the world leader in digital orthopedics

  • 03 June 2022

  • Expansion

Discover how the Lagarrigue Group became a leader in patient care and a pionner in the digitization of its profession, with Jean-Pierre Mahé, CEO of the group and Luc Boronat, Head of digital division at Lagarrigue.

The Lagarrigue Group designs and manufactures tailor-made orthopedic prostheses for patients who have lost their autonomy. The Group counts 70 branch offices in France, and about a hundred worldwide. One of Lagarrigue's founding values is inclusion, as the ultimate goal of each custom-designed prosthesis is to reintegrate a patient, along with his or her difference, into society.

We keep a close eye on all the innovations on the market, and we are pioneers in the digitalization of the profession.

Jean-Pierre Mahé, CEO of Lagarrigue

In 2004, France´s largest custom-made orthopaedic group Lagarrigue, developed Rodin4D, a software specialized in the development of computer software, applications, robots and 3D scanners for the orthopaedic industry.  
Thanks to constant innovation, Rodin4D, offers its clients productive and easy to use solutions.

Since the Expansion team conducted the investment in 2016, the Lagarrigue group has matured from a French leader to a major international player. This growth has seen Lagarrigue build its international turnover from 10% in 2016 to over 30% in 2021.

Moreover, the company has played a leading role in the digital transformation of the sector.
ESG is at the heart of Lagarrigue's business model. Accompanied by the Ardian Expansion teams, the company has built an ambitious roadmap focused on the well-being and care of all patients, inclusive of all ability, age or level of independence.