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    Consumer goods and services
    Consumer goods and services

    Created in 1992, Prosol group is the founder of the chain of Grand Frais stores, which are located primarily on the outskirts of major cities and cover areas of 1,000sqm, embodying the concept of the traditional indoor covered market. Each large market hall supplies five different types of produce: fruit and vegetables, dairy, fish (Prosol group), meat produce and grocery (supported by specialized partners). Based in the Lyon region of France, Prosol group experiences a strong and steady growth, with a turnover of more than one billion euros and approximately 185 stores and offers a wide variety of quality fresh products at an attractive price.

We appreciate Ardian’s unique support on our growth path that helped us very much to become market leader and position us ideally for future growth.”

Daniel Schustermann Managing Director of Schustermann & Borenstein

It is an efficient team, determined and confident in its choices, and always attentive to its partners. The relationships of trust that the Ardian team builds over time, with the management teams and, beyond that, with the advisors around them, are part of their DNA.

David Aknin Lawyer