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    Founded in 1919 by Nobili family, IRCA is a leading Italian and European B2B manufacturer of semi-finished products for the pastry, bakery and horeca market. Thanks to their portfolio products, it is composed by more than 700 SKUs offered to industrial clients, internal bakeries of hypermarkets and pastry and bakery shops. The range of IRCA's products includes any basic ingredients, from powder products to chocolate through creams and jams. In 2014, IRCA entered into the ice-cream ingredient market through the brand Joy Gelato developing more than 200 references.
    The Group operates with three state of the art production sites located close to Varese (Lombardy) with about 250 employees recording a turnover of more than €200 million.

We appreciate Ardian’s unique support on our growth path that helped us very much to become market leader and position us ideally for future growth.”

Daniel Schustermann Managing Director of Schustermann & Borenstein

It is an efficient team, determined and confident in its choices, and always attentive to its partners. The relationships of trust that the Ardian team builds over time, with the management teams and, beyond that, with the advisors around them, are part of their DNA.

David Aknin Lawyer