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How an internship led Meredith to a position of Investment Manager in New York

  • 26 September 2022

  • Talent, Co-Investment

  • New York, USA

I think it speaks to Ardian’s culture to say there is a friendliness that prevails and individuals are curious to learn more about one another and want to help each other out. I have witnessed that firsthand.

Meredith Greenstein, Investment Manager, Co-Investment at Ardian

Our success as a private investment house depends on one thing above all – the talent of our people. All of them – those who work at Ardian today and those who have yet to join us.  We are always looking at the long term, at the bigger picture. You will work to achieve success not just next quarter or next year, but far into the future.

Ready to grow with us? Discover how Meredith went from an internship to an Investment Manager position at Ardian in New York.