Support the international development of European companies

« Our teams have a hands-on approach in providing support to the management, particularly in build-ups. »
François Jerphagnon
Head of Ardian Expansion
« Our teams have a hands-on approach in providing support to the management, particularly in build-ups. »

With three generations of funds successfully invested since 2002 and a fourth closed in 2016, Ardian’s small cap activity has established a leading position across Europe with France, Germany and Italy-based investment professionals. The Expansion team focuses on companies valued between €80M and €400M.

“Buy-and-build” policy. Ardian’s team has extensive experience in structuring external growth operations, integrating companies and building close relationships with the banks involved in financing. These relationships enable Ardian to assist in the long-term development of small and medium-sized companies.

A grass roots approach. The team focuses on the sectors it knows best, where it can contribute significant added value. Effective governance is key and the team spends a large amount of time working closely with company executives. After an investment has been completed, a 100-day program is launched to review reporting, audit, risk management and communication processes, all geared towards accelerating the company’s growth.

An integrated European team. Ardian’s 26-strong team includes a mix of nationalities working out of offices in Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Luxembourg with a constant focus on assessing investment opportunities and working closely to monitor the portfolio. The team combines its talents and resources to assist in the development of portfolio companies, especially on external growth and international commercial opportunities.

Key figures

€80M to €400M EV of targeted companies

57 investments since 2003 (excluding external growth)

26 dedicated professionals

Investor Relations

« Client interests come first »

Dominique Senequier



Ardian has helped more than 250 companies since its creation. Its current portfolio comprises 150+ businesses.